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BFS imagines a world where evolving fitness consumers can live strong healthy lives by partnering with businesses that offer the activities, instruction, and support to help them achieve it.


Our Mission is to create a platform to educate, connect, and support boutique fitness business owners so they receive the resources needed to grow strong, healthy, self-supporting businesses that serve the needs of their evolving fitness clients.
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We believe:
  • That living an active and pain free life is the foundation for living your best life
  • That the definition of fitness and the needs of the fitness consumer will evolve, and that we, and the industry must evolve with it
  • That the evolution of the industry requires the continuous refreshing of old ideas, business models, and attitudes with new concepts, models and perspectives
  • That it is possible, with support, to build businesses that can lead to the financial security of their business owners
  • That learning from pioneers in the industry is an efficient and effective way to build other, newer businesses that can withstand the test of time
  • In the power of learning by sharing knowledge and information from those who came before us, who are with us, and who follow behind us
  • That businesses should have a safe space to gather, debate, and act to secure the future of their industry
  • That viable businesses should have the opportunity to receive the knowledge, contacts, products, services, and investments that can help them to grow and to thrive
  • That the best thing we can do is to have honest conversations with each other about how our industry is evolving and how the entrance of new businesses, models, and ideas affects the viability of the market and of the individual businesses within it.

A rising tide can lift all ships, but when storms come, only if the ships work together can they keep themselves from capsizing


Julian Barnes

Co-Founder and CEO

Nt Etuk


Leanne Shear

Leanne Shear


Jessica LaChance

Content Marketing Manager










The Journey of Boutique Fitness Solutions

2017 The idea for the Boutique Fitness Summit is born
2018 Inaugural BFS-NYC and BFS-DC supporting 500 boutique businesses
2019 BFS expands to 3 cities supporting 700+ boutique businesses
2020 Boutique Fitness Summit expands to Boutique Fitness Solutions now able to support 750+ boutique business live in person and endless businesses through online tools and education

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