AV Now Fitness Sound

Every day AV Now sound gear powers thousands of group exercise classes across the U.S. Our sound systems are scalable, tailored to maximize member experience in every size exercise space, type of application and programming.

AV Now is now releasing a new category Virtual Instruction and Streaming. Low cost, high-quality products to increase the music and voice quality of streaming live fitness classes.

AV Now offers Free Sound Advice and Lifetime Technical Support on every item.


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American Speciality Health Fitness

ASH provides health plans, employer groups, insurance carriers, and trust funds with a wide range of health management, fitness and exercise, and musculoskeletal provider networks programs to improve the health of their members or employees.

Through its various programs, ASH offers health plan members a number of fitness and exercise services including no-cost, low-cost, or discount fitness center/exercise center memberships; walking, home fitness, wearable fitness device, and reward programs; and Internet-based exercise tools and education.


Intelivideo is a white-labeled Video On Demand platform that enables businesses to build premium video streaming subscriptions. Our clients’ subscribers can stream or download video content on any device through a client-branded app on iOS, Android, tablets and various Smart TV apps.

The Intelivideo platform — built and powered by some of the best minds in data delivery, analytics and video technology — helps these businesses build and grow profitable subscription offerings. We do so by providing an all-in-one video subscription center, digital storefronts, educational resources for marketing and selling digital assets, and secure delivery via streaming or download. Our analytics engine provides clients with deep and actionable data. Our insights present a thorough understanding of new subscriber purchases, campaign ROI, video viewing habits and trends, and retention tools to minimize churn.

Whether you’re a franchised enterprise or a boutique studio, Intelivideo is the solution to take your brand digitally and cultivate loyal streaming subscribers.


With the world of fitness shifting for a period of time, digital video has become a critical solution.

Join our webinar to learn about the various video opportunities and how you may navigate entering a digital video world.



Our Firm: Proskauer is a leading global law firm focused on creating value. Our roots go back to 1875, when we were founded in New York City. With more than 725 lawyers active in virtually every major market worldwide, we are recognized not only for our legal excellence, but also our dedication to client service.

Our Clients: Our clients include many of the world’s top companies, financial institutions, investment funds, not-for-profit institutions, governmental entities and other organizations across industries and borders.

Our Offices: In addition to our New York headquarters, we have offices in São Paulo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Washington, D.C., London, Paris, New Orleans and Boca Raton.

Devoted Client Service: Devotion to clients is a Proskauer hallmark. Our lawyers are known for their unusually high accessibility, responsiveness and attentiveness. They go the extra mile to understand a client’s business — and think like businesspeople in the process.

Foureva Productions

Foureva Productions is a Milwaukee, WI video production company that has a ton of experience in strategic marketing and advertising. With an intuitive grasp of the digital world, our production team can fuse your digital goals with the artistic creativity of video. The agency helps companies tell stories with branded films and commercials with bold storytelling, cinematic production value, and exciting innovation.

The online videos we create educate, inform, entertain and sell… and also gather valuable feedback from your target audience. We also specialize live event videography and photography for conferences, presentations and keynotes in high quality fashion to boost sales for future events and visibility.


HelloGym offers a comprehensive set of services to help your business from lead generation and appointment booking to customer service and call analytics reporting and quality assurance, all at your fingertips. We specialize in fitness because that’s where we started. Owning and working in the club.

– You don’t know what you don’t know. We can help with that.
– Understand how many leads are slipping through the cracks and going to your competitor.
– We act as an extension of your sales team, turning missed opportunities into appointments.
– Gain a competitive advantage by understanding how your staff is handling inquiries.
– We connect to your inbound leads by integrating with your inbound marketing efforts.
– Stop losing opportunity to your competitors.

As the communication platform and staffing solution for your gym, we support your team’s sales and customer service efforts so you can focus on the heavy lifting. Talking to a human instead of a robot is important, so we make sure there is always someone to speak to your leads, especially when your team can’t.

With call recording, the HelloGym portal provides a way for you to know how your staff is performing with lead follow up and inbound calls.

-It’s important to know and understand how your employees are doing when it comes to making great
first impressions and representing your brand. Great in-person salespeople don’t always translate to
great over-the-phone salespeople. Understanding how your staff is handling those inquiries gives you
an advantage over the competition.

Our team at HelloGym prioritizes a real, genuine, and productive conversation with your current and potential customers – because an automated answering system can’t listen, make your customers feel heard or sympathized with, or establish trust like a human can.

The day-to-day activities of running a gym can compromise the most important part of the customer journey; the Great First Impression. We help you make sure no prospect has a poor experience when trying to contact you to get more info and signed up.

Ad Labs Marketing

We focus on results-based relationships, which means we focus on creating an environment where clients, employees, and our own company can achieve their objectives and goals.

We help businesses of all sizes grow and expand by leveraging digital marketing to its fullest. We do so by combining the power of our expert knowledge, high-quality campaign management, optimization, and user analytics. This gives us the ability to set your business up for success and ensure that your campaigns provide the best return on investment possible.

Experience the power of science and data-driven advertising.

Want access to our free guide on how to run facebook ads for your boutique studio: https://m.me/adlabs.official?ref=w7810637