Barbara Chancey Design Group

Barbara Chancey Design Group is an international, full-service boutique fitness firm with more than 200 successful clients across the globe. From turnkey startups to corporate remodels and commercial projects, our work continues to be as diverse as our clients.

Each unique studio is an exceptional piece of architecture rooted in function that continually challenges and surprises. Dramatic and captivating atmospheres designed through the eyes of instructors deliver the tools for achieving waitlist classes and industry-crushing growth.

With over a decade of proven, real-world experience, we create pioneering fitness destinations in any scale, style, or

Cuoco Black

Cuoco Black is a conceptual gym design and branding agency. We help forward-looking developers build the next generation of gyms.

Differentiation, a core tenet of marketing is employed to position and amplify the presence of a brand in glutted marketplaces. Differentiation facilitates greater market share, reputation and sustainability. We help forward-looking gym developers build innovative and differentiated fitness spaces that arrest fitness consumer attention and bring eyes onto their brands.