Top Trainer

All TopTrainer product formulas were carefully formulated over with over 3 years of research and development. Our panel of PhD chemists, internal medicine doctors, fitness experts and industry veterans ensure top quality by sourcing the best in class ingredients and nutrients.

By the time our products are ready for sale they’ve been tasted and tested hundreds of times for flavor, consistency and most importantly, RESULTS.

All TopTrainer products include not only the best quality ingredients, but each and every product was built on value to the consumer. Many of our products will last you 6 weeks to 2 months, with efficacious dosing. Unfortunately many other supplement companies out there purposely create poor & weak doses to make it available for a cheap price and you soon realize you have to take 3 servings to get what should be just 1.

TopTrainer® stands tall that our dosing is straightforward and built with integrity giving consumers the best value!


Lumen is a portable device and app that helps you take control of your metabolism. In a single breath, see if your body is using carbs or fats as fuel and get personalized macros and nutrition insights for your body and goals.

With Lumen Pro, fitness studios can bring personalized nutrition powered by our cutting-edge technology to members to maximize their results.

Complete your member experience: Compliment your gym offering with a data-driven nutrition solution and help members optimize results.

Top of mind for clients outside the studio: Daily usage of Lumen keeps members tethered to your studio in ways they’ve never been before.

Stay ahead in the digital-health game: Provide high-end technology to members to meet the demand of personalized experiences across every touchpoint.

“Gym members always come to us asking about what they should eat. By incorporating Lumen into our services, I am able to offer them a stand-alone nutrition solution, which is backed by science and personalized. It makes us more well-rounded, which adds value to our member experience and keeps us ahead of the game in the every-changing digital age. Win win for everyone.” – Liz L., Scorch Fitness Gym Owner

drip accessory™

drip accessory was born out of the desire to offer sweaty fitness enthusiasts a better way to stay dry during their workouts. spintowel, the flagship accessory of the brand, is widely popular among the faithful Peloton followers and those who frequent boutique spin classes.

Started in 2018, drip accessory has seen year over year growth and steady increases in sales. spintowel and drip accessory are quickly becoming a synonymous name in the indoor cycling space as the brand looks forward to expanding its reach into the boutique fitness market and are open to creative brand collaborations.