iKizmet offers fitness businesses an alternative to time-consuming and inefficient reporting tools: beautiful, visual dashboards populated with industry best-practice metrics.

With typical reporting tools, business owners and managers must carve out time to determine which reports to run, run those reports, and then use spreadsheets to compile and analyze the data between time periods. With iKizmet, users have the ability to tap into membership numbers, their month-to-date revenue, year-over-year analysis, and so much more. iKizmet’s unique Class Utilization Heat Map gives insight into which class times, types, and instructors that a studio’s clients love. Knowing utilization percentages and average class sizes can help in planning future month’s schedules and ensuring that revenue per class makes sense for class offerings. Goal setting features allow users to set their own custom goals, then hold themselves accountable to those numbers.

Business owners save time running reports, freeing them up to focus their energy where it’s needed most: strategy. Most importantly, these industry best-practice metrics give owners insight into which specific areas of their business they should be focusing their energy.

iKizmet delivers your most important data to a beautiful visual dashboard that you can tap into from your computer or any mobile device. We now sync with some of the biggest platforms in the industry like MindBody, Club Ready, zingfit, Mariana Tek, and ABC Financial.


On a mission to defeat inactivity, Gympass attracts new, untapped users to fitness facilities by partnering with corporates to empower employees to become active and engaged. Founded in 2012, we have expanded to 14 countries to become the largest corporate fitness solution in the world with more than 50,000 fitness partners worldwide. With over 2000 corporate partners, we craft personalized programs to engage inactive employees and convert them into new users for your business. At a time when approximately 1.4 billion people worldwide are inactive, we believe that we can create a healthier, more active, and productive world.


Team up with Peerfit and access the world of corporate wellness and fitness benefits through our partnerships with employers and insurance carriers. Seamlessly integrate, receive clear usage info and competitive reimbursements, all while tapping into new revenue. Peerfit works with health plans and insurance carriers to provide fitness and wellness programming to their members through their fitness benefits.

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Your community is everything. It starts with the welcoming space you create for your amazing instructors to interact with your great clients. The energy that flows between all of you creates the magic that determines your success. FitGrid helps you harness the power of your community to increase growth and maximize returns.