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Zen Planner and Uplaunch make fitness businesses wildly successful. UpLaunch’s turnkey marketing automation platform makes it easy for gym owners to convert and retain their best members. Zen Planner’s industry-leading member management software, digital marketing, websites, payment processing, and full service billing give you the tools you need to master your business.

Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek is a Washington, DC-based technology company that offers a leading enterprise-class business management platform designed specifically for the boutique fitness industry. The product suite features best-in-class customer experiences; innovative revenue-generating features; and API’s and developer tools that enable clients and partners to realize their creative visions.


OurPeople allows your instructors to manage and sub out their classes all in a simple, easy to use App – with PUSH Notifications, not email.

OurPeople was built from the ground up in the boutique fitness space, we know the daily operational and communication challenges that exist with a growing team.

OurPeople allows you to broadcast to specific groups in seconds for any important info, member promotional materials, and more.

Share files, schedules, class music, and more all directly to your team in App!

The top names in boutique fitness use OurPeople around the globe.

If your people are texting, calling, relying on group chats, or social media groups, it is time to upgrade. Join OurPeople and give your people sometime better, today!

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zingfit’s software fuels the world’s best boutique fitness brands, and is the only platform to seamlessly integrate scheduling, e-commerce and marketing tools for boutique studios and gyms.

The software delivers a highly-branded customer experience that begins at your studio’s digital doorstep with features including packages, memberships, Spot Scheduling, customer referrals, social sharing, loyalty and reward programs, and sophisticated instructor and studio management tools.

zingfit champions boutique fitness studios and gyms with each and every click. Clients include:


MINDBODY software is on a mission to connect the world to wellness. Providing automated tools for marketing, scheduling, point of sale, payroll and more, we help health and wellness businesses like you run and grow. MINDBODY also makes it easy for your customers to find, book and pay for your services with your own branded app, as well as a listing on the MINDBODY app. With MINDBODY, you can save time so you can focus more time on what really matters: your customers.

FitMetrix by MINDBODY
Change the way your members take classes. With heart rate tracking and live leaderboards, you can show your clients exactly where they are in class—and how they can push themselves to be better next class. And, you can create a cohesive experience for your customers and your staff with a branded mobile app, personal training dashboards, group X management, and more. Take your customer’s training to the next level with real-time stats and reporting.


A powerful cloud-based platform that provides studios and boutiques with innovative gym management software.

The Bright App

We created The Bright App because we’re busy fitness professionals and enthusiasts, just like you. We tried just about every software out there to manage our clients and run our gym, but we always came away disappointed.

We had 3 simple wishes for our ideal software:
significantly reduce my workload, easy to use on the go,
and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

This is why we created
The Bright App

Our sole purpose is to help fitness professionals be better at business, so you can stay in business.


ClubReady is the leading provider of full-suite studio fitness and wellness club management software and services. Founded in 2009, ClubReady has been committed to building the studio fitness business of the future. The ClubReady Fitness Management Platform provides clients a full membership management and engagement experience to attract, retain and better serve their members. ClubReady’s Performance IQ enhances this platform with fitness tracking software that delivers high quality, real-time, individual and group fitness results leading to higher member engagement, retention, and loyalty. ClubReady’s GYM HQ supports the mission by providing bundled club services, like customer service agents, payroll, accounting, and operations support.