[DOWNLOAD] Five Steps For A Successful Reopen After COVID-19

How To Relaunch Your Studio and Build
Trust Through Savvy Marketing

This White Paper Includes:

  • Specific, actionable advice for running a relaunch marketing campaign
  • Detailed coverage of ideas to engage your community digitally
  • Tips on cleaning practices and messaging around new procedures
  • Effective grassroots marketing tactics to help you get the word out about your studio’s reopening without having to spend a ton of money
  • Powerful tools for rebuilding your community through paid media planning and leveraging digital platforms for new customer acquisition


[Podcast] The Perfect Reopen: Reconnecting Community Through Exceptional Customer Experience

In today’s episode we explore the topic of reopening a studio. Jordan Strouse shares how Houston has already come together in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and how that better prepared their diverse community to band together through COVID-19.

Jordan offers his perspective on why he chose NOT to live stream classes during the closure, some ways SWEAT 1000 is innovating the cleaning game, plus he gets straight up mathematical on class scheduling and why you should be customer-service oriented now more than ever because it’s just good business.

Thanks for listening! If you liked this podcast you’ll LOVE our new white paper, Five Steps to A Successful Reopen After COVID-19, which gives a step-by-step guide on how to relaunch your studio through savvy studio marketing.


May 27th Webinar: Navigating the challenges of re-opening your gym or studio

We’ll discuss how to communicate reopenings to clients, measures you can take to instill member confidence, and the different challenges faced by studios and gyms when thinking through their re-opening strategies.

We’re thrilled to be joined by Helen Durkin, Executive VP of Public Policy at IHRSA, Chris Clawson, CEO of Life Fitness, Grace Koval, Director of Communications of Mountainside Fitnessand Jeremy Hirsch, Owner of The Studio MDR.


Safety Protocols: The Gold Standard

It’s hard to know where to start with developing your re-opening protocols and then how to communicate them to your community, so start by checking out what other studios are doing well.  Here are two examples of what we consider the “Gold Standard.”  Use these protocols as a jumping off point to develop your own clear, thoughtful, and thorough plans.


Zenplanner Re-Opening Playbook

Daxko, the parent company of Zen Planner, SugarWOD and UpLaunch recently gathered distinguished panels of medical experts and industry leaders from boutique, club, and nonprofit facilities to discuss re-opening and operating safely in the new COVID reality. Their theory was that if we all continually pooled and shared best practices and ongoing learnings, we could maximize staff and member safety across the world.  They have documented the panel’s collective thinking in the Re-Opening Playbook as a service to the entire health, fitness and wellness communities.


Phase One: Re-Opening Through COVID-19
Step 1 – Plan
Step 2 – Prepare

Phase Two: Operating Through COVID-19
Step 3 – Practice
Step 4 – Prove

Appendix + Documents
The appendix contains resource links to the CDC, WHO, and other information critical to the re-opening process.



Zen Planner’s Rapid Recovery Toolkit for Boutique Fitness Businesses

The ever-changing coronavirus outbreak has impacted daily lives throughout the world, and it has unquestionably impacted the fitness industry. To help you lead your community through this unprecedented time period, Zen Planner compiled a library of COVID-19 resources for gyms and fitness businesses from industry experts. These resources will help you increase community engagement and monitor trends through COVID-19.