Webinar: March 26th | How to grow community with virtual classes

This can be a time to get your clients to bond with you. Depending on the streaming solution, you can have clients see each other (as well as the instructor) in class. There’s something about visually seeing your instructor – seeing him or her there with you; hearing them exhort you to try more, to go harder, to sweat or meditate out your fear or frustration.  It’s powerful.

And if you choose the right instructors, this bond that begins to happen can pull your clients right through to the other side of this crisis.

In this webinar, we will cover topics such as:

  • Bringing new leads in with virtual classes
  • Scheduling strategies with virtual classes
  • The instructor’s role and goal in the virtual class
  • Keeping clients engaged so they come back

Webinar Recording: Evaluating live-stream business models so you can decide which way to go

Studios have long talked about moving virtual. Those with the resources have developed streaming models that allow them to push content from their studios for a monthly subscription price, or they have created paywalls that keep recorded sessions of their content behind internet locks that only their members can access. However, most of the businesses that have been able to do that have been planning it for months, if not years.

If we all had resources, that’s what we might do … but most of us don’t. And most of us are scrambling in a game-changing scenario that none of us could have predicted. As a result, the simplest and fastest way to help your business survive is to shift your existing classes to streaming and implore your customers to support you while you figure out the rest.

In this webinar, FitGrid will discuss:

  • Do you keep your existing schedule, shorten it, or create something completely new?
  • Do I need to charge less for live-streaming?
  • Do I need to pay my instructors less for live-streaming?
  • How to set up live-stream revenue lines that will last through the crisis and beyond


Webinar Recording: Is live-streaming the right solution for you?

We are in a disaster situation! Your clients are in a disaster situation!  As a result, the simplest and fastest way to help your business survive is to shift your existing classes to streaming and implore your customers to support you while you figure out the rest. This can tie your community together creating a bond that can help you get through this. It delays, for at least a few weeks, an exodus of clients, giving you crucial time to master the format, shift your mindset, and plot your next moves.

In this webinar, FitGrid will discuss topics such as:

  • Are live-streamed classes what clients want?
  • Can you keep clients engaged so they come back?
  • How the hybrid model works: part live-streaming and part in-person
  • How to make live-streaming work if your studio is closed and your team is isolated


FitGrid LIVE Streaming


Access FitGrid’s instructions document to use their new live-stream solution. This solution only works with group fitness studios using MINDBODY. Here’s what the solution allows you to do:

  • Protect your revenue sources and existing class-based model
  • Live-stream from anywhere (e.g. broadcast from the studio or an instructor’s home)
  • Automatically create unique live-stream links to any class
  • Automatically send confirmation emails with those links to clients when they book
  • Receive payment and control access through your existing MINDBODY setup


Webinar Recording | All you need to know to train your instructors in a live-stream world

Ever heard of Tik Tok or Instagram Stories? These platforms provide a world of selfies and authentic video – and they work. Your videos do not have to have the slick Hollywood production quality you had imagined for your studio right now… Your clients want something that resembles the quality workout and team authenticity they receive when visiting the studio.

In this webinar with FitGrid, they will be covering topics such as:

  • Which instructors should you choose?
  • What training, if any, should they have?
  • What settings are appropriate for them to stream from?
  • What types of headsets or gear work best?



HSN’s Zoom Crash Course

As a studio owner, you have two options right now: curl up or step up. Please choose the ladder. Your clients need you more now than ever. 

At HSN Mentoring, they are focusing on two areas:

  1. Individualized support through virtual check-in meetings to help clients find a new normal and keep them accountable. HSN Mentoring clients are utilizing the HSN App to manage all of their clients and provide nutrition tips, recipes, and resources that we provide.
  2. Community support through virtual classes, virtual meet-ups, and social media.

The studios that are having the best retention rate are doing both and really highlighting the individualized support that each client is getting.

Your members want social interaction. By hosting virtual classes, virtual “happy hours” and telling clients to just log in to chat at the beginning of the class if they can’t do the workout live, you are providing them with the community interaction they know and love.

In order to do that, you need a platform. HSN recommends zoom (the pro version).

HSN made a checklist and a video on how to set zoom up and what they have learned after one week of virtual classes.

Access that FREE HELP >>HERE.