Calling All Studio Managers

Calling All Studio Managers

The Boutique Fitness Summit is all about helping vault boutique fitness businesses to the next level by educating, connecting, and supporting them. This means educating, connecting, and supporting not just the owners but the ones in the trenches day in and day out, the MANAGERS. BFS is here to grow your skill set as a manager and empower you to join in the strategic conversations. Your development directly impacts your studio’s success which means it is a beneficial investment by your employer.

You’ll need to prove the ROI to your boss and explain how BFS will provide you with tools and action items that you can bring back to your team to continue to grow the business.

We know you are swamped so we are ready to make the case for you.

Here is an example of an email you can copy, paste, personalize, and send straight to your boss:

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Subject Line: Help me become a better manager?

Hi [Insert owner’s name],

I would like to attend 2020 BFS-NYC on behalf of [insert studio name]. It is a 1 day intimate and immersive conference specifically geared at boutique fitness studios on Friday April 24th in NYC.

This is an exciting opportunity for me to represent our studio among 500 other studio owners/managers while networking and growing our community.  I’ll also be able to learn tools to help me be more effective and bring back action items for the studio on topics like management, client retention, client acquisition, and operations.

Please take a look at the cost breakdown below and let me know if you agree the benefits of this opportunity outweigh the cost to the studio:

  • Registration fee: $299 OR $399 to allow me to meet with 3 successful studio owners 1:1 and ask my specific questions
  • Airfare: [Insert number if applicable]
  • Hotel: [Insert number if needed]
  • Travel to and from the airport: [Insert number if needed]

I am happy to represent [enter studio name] on my own or think this would be a great team building experience for all of us. There are team discounts available if you agree that this is an incredible opportunity for our studio and want more of our team to participate.

I look forward to discussing this further! Thank you for considering to invest in my growth as a manager.


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