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Many studios owners want more revenue and hate the idea of selling, but No Sales = No Revenue and without an effective sales strategy, you will struggle to build a sustainable & profitable studio. In this session, you will learn actionable strategies to engage highly targeted audiences, build community by listening, and improve retention. how to develop a replicable sales process the art of consultative selling
In order to succeed, you must fail...over and over again. Do your time and be patient for profits, as they’ll come years down the road. You’ve got to hustle, and hustle hard 24/7 until you drop dead or become the next Soulcycle. And, you’re gonna have to do it all on your own because no one else will ever do it as well as you can. Hogwash. Growth doesn’t have to feel like you’re climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back. Meet the 7 Pillars we’ve used to build hundreds of 6 and dozens of 7 figure studios and discover how you can dial back your hours and drive up your profit margins. Don’t miss this session that will teach you how to create a successful business plan, increase profits, use creative marketing techniques, and build the right team for your studio. In this session, you will learn how to Create a business plan that matches the life you want and set the stage for 30%+ profit margins. You'll meet Erin, whose yoga and Pilates studio profit margins grew from 6 to 47% while she dialed her hours back to 2 days a week. Use boring, but wealth inducing pricing, sales and marketing techniques to maximize every single dollar you spend to bring clients through the door. You'll meet Hannah, whose 74% conversion rate from introductory package to 12 month membership has her barre studio in line to grow to multiple locations. Build inside your studio with the right team and outside your studio with digital products, franchising and multiple locations. Meet our ascension model, and grow far beyond your four walls.
We are in the business of people. People are what makes our studios tic. We spend a lot of time diving into how to retain our clients, the people which make up our business. But what about the other people? Our team members. These are the people who run the business, create the experience, and aide in retaining clients. What are you doing to retain YOUR team members? In this session, you will learn Why you need to implement an employee engagement program. Why understanding what motivates your team member will make them your biggest fan. Do you need someone who knows music or someone who can command a room?
Delivering a phenomenal customer experience is of utmost importance, not just inside the studio, but along every step of the customer journey. Learn how to make sure that your customers are happy when they interact with your brand. Many of these interactions happen through your technology. It’s not just about being pretty. Great UX/UI means that your customers are happy, and happy customers come back more often, make more transactions, and most importantly tell their friends. In this session, you will learn What is a great customer experience? It's not a touchy feely concept -- there are metrics to answer this question! How the customer experience drives bottom line performance. What role do your technology partners play in your brand's customer journey? And how can you get them to meet your standards?
Want proven techniques for turning your studio’s entire community of staff and members into a retention-, revenue- and profit-driving machine? In this hard-hitting session, Ntiedo “NT” Etuk, founder and CEO of FitGrid, will explain how to turn your instructors into your best brand ambassadors and community builders. Plus, learn proven methods to turn your clients into your studio’s biggest promoters. The result? Loyalty like you’ve never experienced before in your business, an active client-based “salesforce,” and a dedicated, engaged community that can’t wait to spread the word about your studio.
Are you using online streaming in your fitness business? VOD (Video on Demand) is changing the way consumers sweat when they’re not inside your four walls. When leveraged as a part of your studio experience, VOD can be an incredible opportunity to create a more loyal membership base, create an additional revenue stream, and increase retention and reach. In this session, you will learn how to incorporate VOD in to your membership gauge what makes good VOD content, and find ways to measure success with your VOD program.
So you've decided to explore the worksite wellness industry for a recurring revenue stream but are unsure where to start. Do you change your pricing or packages, or do you need to create new classes to suit this industry? With whom should you be making the right connections? Learn how you can grow your member base through this steady stream of funding and how to uniquely position your studio to be attractive and welcoming to this distinctive audience. In this session, you will learn the most valuable way to price classes and best practices for managing your new members; and the key players in this sector
Co-Founder, Boutique Fitness Summit
Founder & CEO, zingfit
CEO, Liberate Consulting
Flexit Fit
Managing Partner & Founder, BXO Advisory Platform
CEO, FitGrid & Co-Founder, Boutique Fitness Summit
Co-Founder & CEO, Yombu
Founder, Speedball Fitness
CEO & Co-Founder, WellnessLiving
VP Business Development, Club Ready
BOHO Studios
General Partner
Consultant, Fitness Career Mastery
Studio Grow
Founder, Owner and CEO, [solidcore]
Digital Marketing Consultant
VP of Wellness Solutions, Peerfit
Founder, A Perfect 10 Nail & Beauty Bar | CEO Summit Speaker
CEO & Co-Founder, Mariana Tek
Founder, Posture Studios
Founder, Sweatbox & Vida Fitness CEO Summit Speaker
Owner & Director, FlyDog Yoga
Marketing Director, StarCycle
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