Opening remarks from conference Co-Founder Julian A. Barnes – CEO, Wellness Leaders Collective. Julian is joined on stage by conference co-founder and FitGrid CEO, Nt Etuk.
Get the latest information and intelligence about the boutique fitness industry, learn about the key trends that are shaping our industry and hear predictions for the future of this industry.
Discover the secrets used by successful independent studios to build thriving businesses in their communities despite the presence of well-funded and high-profile national chains.
Boutique Fitness Summit co-founder and FitGrid CEO, Nt Etuk will give an overview of the categories of software (and the key players in each space) allowing studios to automate marketing, deliver great customer service, generate revenue, boost retention, engage community, and more.
In this talk, Michael and Mark will show you how to create a world-class service culture that will ignite your growth and help you create clients for life. A strong service culture is the DNA of your business and is driven by many factors: the people you hire, the expectations you set, and the dialogue you foster. You’ll learn the specific strategies they used to build Mark Fisher Fitness into one of the fastest growing companies in America.
Learn how to attract top talent in a competitive market by identifying who is personally aligned with your brand mission, supporting the right candidates through a quality training program, and applying retention tools through ongoing education and incentives.
In this presentation, Debra will discuss people, process, and product and discuss the balance of all three to create a successful business. She will break down each to help build a roadmap towards how to get all three firing on all cylinders! She will also discuss why she chose to partner to expand Row House and the benefits of a franchise system to entrepreneurs looking to get into the fitness space.
In this informative presentation, Tonya will discuss the necessary qualities for successful leadership and teach you how to lead through vision to build your successful team. “We can only use the carrot and the stick to get people to perform for a while, but eventually, if they don’t care about the mission, about their leader and/or about one another, the team will fracture and lose steam”. Our traditional view of management is task-based and mechanical. Learn the difference between managing and leading, EQ versus IQ, trust versus micro-management.
In this talk, Olivia shares her personal journey in building a successful studio from ground up year one.
20% of your clients drive 80% of the business you want most. The other 80% of clients just drive you crazy. Your goal has to be to identify your 20%, retain them, and then find more of them. So how do you start? What do you do? How do you “fire” the clients that are noise? And how do you drive, drive, drive until the 20% that are ideal become 50, 60, 80% of the business you’ve got? This is where you find out.
In the midst of exploding competition and a growing number of Millennial employees it’s imperative that we, as Leaders, evolve. Let’s explore how to embrace and understand our Millennial employees so that we can lead, guide and grow people, including ourselves, for the good of the business. Success is accomplished through collaboration and the courage to be the teacher and the student.
In this talk, Daniel shares the ins and outs of understanding the key indicators and important strategy to opening a successful second location.
As a manager or owner of a fitness studio of any size, there is one universal truth: the beating heart of the instructor team must drive retention and new enrollments. Learn what to implement in and out of the classroom that can immediately affect your studio’s outcome and income.
Today, creating and growing a community in wellness/fitness is no longer a differentiator: it’s a must-have. Leanne will discuss using community to build a business…and using a business to grow community. Integral to this is connecting others, and connecting with others; developing authenticity and authentic leadership; and helping others find meaning.
After the presentations, join us at the FitTech Happy Hour to network with other owners and managers facing the same challenges you face everyday, browse exhibitors to discover amazing new products & services; and enjoy lite bites, delicious cocktails and great music from our live DJ.
Co-Founder, Boutique Fitness Summit
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