JoyRide Cycling + Fitness Studio Launches JoyRideGO, A Custom Fitness App for At-Home Workouts

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Platform Will Offer On-Demand and Live High-End Cycling, Fitness Classes



JoyRide Cycling + Fitness Studio, the top boutique studio for premier indoor cycling in Connecticut and Texas, has collaborated with Italy-based equipment manufacturer Technogym to create a unique, white-label streaming App called JoyRideGO. Launching on December 1, the custom app will feature on-demand and live fitness classes, including JoyRide’s signature Cycle classes and popular off-the-bike classes like JoyX Strength, Pilates, Barre and Yoga, as well as dual modality classes like Cycle + Strength, for customers to enjoy from anywhere, at any time. Filming will take place in custom-built studios in both Connecticut and Texas.

“If we’ve learned anything during this pandemic, it’s that our avid community of JoyRiders crave their daily dose of joy. So if they can’t come to the studios in-person, we’ll come to them!” said co-owner Amy Hochhauser. “We are deeply devoted to offering the same challenging, calorie-torching classes our customers know and love, taught by our talented and motivating instructors, but reimagined in a safe, convenient and, of course, fun way. Your fitness goals, health and wellbeing should not take a backseat during a pandemic.”

JoyRide co-owners Becky Cerroni, Amy Hochhauser and Rhodie Lorenz spent months analyzing different vendors and platforms, and concluded Technogym is a cut above the competition, with a strong track record as a successful global leader in fitness technology and providing the best user experience. Working with award-winning directors and designers to create a  compelling visual experience, the owners’ goal was to create a light, bright and inspiring environment for online fitness that reflects the studio’s ever-present vibe of authenticity, positivity and inclusivity.

“We are always innovating: JoyRideGO exemplifies the future of hybrid fitness of at- home/online and in-studio, which we call ‘click and mortar,’” said Cerroni. “Fitness trends have changed drastically over the past year, and we are committed to helping our customers stay fit, healthy, and socially-connected during this challenging time.”



Multiple Modalities, More Flexibility


Designed for ultimate full-body and on-the-go workouts, JoyRideGO will offer a comprehensive, robust and flexible suite of fitness options, such as multiple class formats and lengths of 15, 20, 30, and 45 minutes. JoyRiders will have the ability to search by class type, target area, equipment needs, instructor, and class length. The signature Cycle class will require a stationary bike, while other strength classes will use hand weights or minimal props, and others will use only body weight.

“JoyRideGO will offer a one-stop shop for a well-rounded fitness regimen, which includes cardio, strength and flexibility,” said owner and lead instructor Rhodie Lorenz, who created the proprietary JoyMethod for cycling, directs JoyRide’s fitness offerings and trains instructors. “At JoyRide we have always emphasized the importance of cross training, and now we are able to offer even more flexibility at home by offering mix-and-match classes.”

The class offerings include: Cycle, Barre, mat Pilates, strength, sculpt, HIIT, cardio dance, yoga, meditation, as well as dual modality classes like Cycle + Abs, Cycle + Strength and Cycle + Sculpt. Classes will be led by popular JoyRide instructors from Connecticut and Texas, who have all been specially trained in the JoyMethod to maintain the highest level of quality teaching, consistency and challenge. The dynamic instructors are accomplished athletes who inject their own expertise, style and personalities into every sweat-drenched workout.

“While you will always get a challenging JoyRide workout, no two classes will ever be the same,” said Lorenz. “Our instructors are constantly creating energized, empowering and compelling workouts, challenging our customers to reach new goals and discover their inner athletes. They are more than just a number on a screen or status on a leaderboard.”

A JoyRideGO membership with unlimited access to online classes is $39.99 per month and $349 for the year.



New JoyBike Available


JoyRide has also partnered with Stages Cycling to launch a new JoyRide At-Home Bike, a custom indoor cycling bike available for purchase at a discounted price. Bikes and accessories are in stock and available for white-glove delivery within a week. Each JoyBike purchase comes with a $100 gift card to JoyRideGO, but a JoyRide At-Home Bike is not required for the online app. To learn more, and see the various accessories available, such as a tablet holder, power meters, display consoles, weights, heart rate monitors and more, visit the JoyRide At-Home Bike microsite.



The JoyRide Community and Connectivity


In addition to the calorie-torching classes and stellar instructors, the JoyRide community itself has long been a key component of the studios’ success. The collective energy in a JoyRide class is palpable, and the owners strive to keep that enthusiasm going at home, in terms of accountability and motivation. JoyRideGO will also offer connectivity to social fitness platforms like Apple, Strava, FitBit, Garmin, Polar, My Fitness Pal, Runkeeper, Swimtag and Withings. JoyRideGO will also offer tracking personal workout achievements and goals and will be available for download on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

“JoyRide is the perfect refuge. People are looking for a place where they can thrive, be a part of a community and get an incredible fitness experience — whether it’s in-studio or at- home” says Cerroni. “We are thrilled to launch our next generation of fitness with JoyRideGO!” 


About JoyRide Cycling + Fitness Studio


JoyRide Cycling + Fitness Studio is a premier fitness boutique dedicated to calorie-torching, interval-based, athletic indoor cycling and off-the-bike, cross-training classes. Since 2011, JoyRide co-founders Amy Hochhauser and Rhodie Lorenz, and co-owner Becky Cerroni, pioneers in the boutique fitness industry, have launched six studios in Fairfield County, Conn. and San Antonio, Texas with inclusive, positive vibes. Talented and enthusiastic instructors, including two Nike ambassadors / trainers and several Division 1 athletes, lead challenging workouts set to motivating music. JoyRide classes are geared toward all ages, genders and fitness levels. The culture of JoyRide is more than fitness: it’s a culture of good health, motivation, empowerment and spreading joy. For more information, please visit


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