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Landing Page Best Practices

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A landing page can be a powerful tool for Fitness Business owners looking for ways to promote their business and convert leads into members.

Understanding Your Traffic

How are landing pages different than a page on your website? First, let’s talk about the traffic you are looking to capture: inbound vs. outbound.

Inbound traffic is comprised of viewers already in the market for the services you offer. (For example: Someone searching google for “ local gyms” would be inbound traffic). Outbound traffic includes viewers who see an offer you’ve created and become interested in your business. (For example: Someone scrolling their Facebook feed that sees your ad for a “Free Fitness Consultation”).

Inbound Traffic and Outbound Traffic are in very different mindsets, so it is important that your online efforts connect with them accordingly. Inbound Traffic is already in search of your services in your area – therefore they want to know that you are the best option for their needs. Outbound Traffic is enticed by an offer they’ve seen – so they want to know more about that particular offer. 

Where Do Landing Pages Come Into Play?

Landing Pages help bring outbound traffic to your business with the help of tools like Facebook Ads or Email Campaigns. Think of Landing Pages like a billboard. When you are driving down the highway and see a billboard that says “$.99 Hamburgers Next Left” you might take action if that deal appeals to you. 

You weren’t in search of the best place to get $.99 hamburgers – this advertisement influenced you to take an action. Landing pages are a specific page created to entice viewers with a direct offer that will make them take action (convert them into leads/buyers). 

Unlike pages on your website, Landing Pages aren’t made to impact search engine ranking but are instead focused on lead generation for a specific promotion.

What Kind of promotions Are Best For Landing Pages?

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Downloadable E-book, white pages, recipe, work-out, coupon, etc.
  • Discounted Trial Offer (2 Classes for Only $19.99, 50% off Your 1st Week)
  • Limited time Program/Bootcamp (6 Week Fitness Challenge,  2 Week Ab Blast Bootcamp)

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when creating a Landing Page. 

Landing Pages should have:

  • A strong headline that reiterates the promotion from your ad/email
  • Scannable content
  • Content-focused on benefits for the viewer
  • Visually appealing imagery
  • One clear and consistent call-to-action

To make a solid Landing Page even stronger, you can A-B test each of these elements to evaluate what is performing the best. By testing headings, images and calls to action against each other (only switching one element at a time) it is easy to gauge what changes will yield the best results.

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