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Have more questions on what your journey as a Mastermind Member will look like and if it is right for you? 

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What you can expect

Select boutique fitness business owners are invited to enroll in the BFS Mastermind program dependent on their stage of business, industry experience and most importantly their growth mindset and goals for the future.

After submitting your Mastermind Enrollment Form, BFS will thoughtfully place you in your core advisory group.  These groups are curated to ensure each group has a variety of modalities, business models, and markets represented while also ensuring all members are at similar stage of business with complimentary goals.

After you are placed with your Core Advisory Group, you will meet with them once a month in a 90 minute meeting.  This meeting is a sharing of ideas, challenges, and successes.  Your Core Group will act as your own personal advisory board to guide you and challenge you as you grow your business to the one you have dreamed of. 

While your Core Advisory Group is your intimate, curated group of Masterminds, you will also interact with the entire BFS Mastermind Network through private Slack Channels and exclusive events.  This is your chance to network with the top minds of the industry; the vets you have long admired or the fresh faces disrupting the status quo and bringing new ideas to the industry. 

General FAQs

BFS uses our knowledge of each member, their experience in the industry, the status of their business, and their business objectives to curate groups that will offer varied perspectives on similar goals and ensures no direct competitors are placed together.

No, we ask that you trust in the knowledge of BFS and our desire to ensure the best experience for all members to curate the group that is right for you on your path to continued success.

If you have made it to this point, we strongly believe that you are an ideal Mastermind member.  You have been pre-selected based on your mindset, stage of business, and ability to contribute value to our community.

We know conflicts arise but being a Mastermind Member means that you prioritize your business growth and therefore make every effort to attend your Core Advisory Group Meetings.  If you are unable to attend, we ask that you notify the BFS team 24 hours in advance.  Meetings will not be recorded but you may catch up with your group through your Slack channel.

To abide by our confidentiality guidelines and allow all Members to feel secure and able to share openly at all times, only Mastermind Members may attend Meetings.  If additional events are open to managers, Members will be notificed accordingly.

To cancel your membership, please reach out to support@boutiquefitnesssolutions.com by the 15th of the month prior to the desired cancelation date. 

Membership pauses are allowed once every two years for three (3) months at a time.  To pause your membership, please reach out to support@boutiquefitnesssolutions.com by the 15th of the month prior to the desired pause date. 

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Becoming a Mastermind opens the doors to relationships and opportunities that have an enormous impact on not only your business… but you!