An 8 week digital marketing campaign that will promote 20 fitness studios from Boston to Northern Virginia

If your schedule is incorrect, please forgive us and upload the correct info HERE (even if you have already provided the info to us previously)

It is investing $10K in paid advertising to promote this page to fitness enthusiasts throughout the U.S. and it is purchasing $10K worth of livestream classes from the 20 studios ($500 per studio) which will conduct social media campaigns to giveaway Michelob Ultra Gift Cards for the studios' livestream classes.

  • offer classes that will be included in the Tour
    • select two (2) livestream classes that will be showcased on the integrated calendar and one of the classes must start at 4pm or later so that it can be designated as a Michelob Ultra Happy Hour class

    • ensure that the studio's instructor follow the opening & closing script for each of the two classes, every week [link to the script on another webpage]

    • ensure that the studio's instructors wear the Michelob Ultra t-shirt and showcase the Michelob Ultra water bottle during each of the studio's 2 classes each week that are part of the Tour

  • promote those classes to your community by
    • publishing two (2) email newsletters about the Tour to your clients
    • posting about the Tour on Instagram twice a week, each week, using our Sample Posts
    • conduct a social media campaign that gives away $500 worth of the studio's livestream classes throughout the 8-week duration of the Tour

It will start on Monday, July 20 and end on Sunday, September 13th

That’s up to you.  You select the two (2) classes that you want to include in the Tour and you submit them to us by completing the Request Schedule Page

Yes, by completing the Request Schedule Page form.

You may change your classes twice during the Tour.

Click Here to watch the recording (password: 0J?%lv+x) and Click Here to download the presentation.


You can use whatever you choose to livestream your classes.

We understand that schedules change at the last moment and in the event that happens with one of the Michelob ULTRA classes, we request that you share the Script with the substitute Instructor.

Yes.  All classes will be purchased on your website subject to your standard policies and procedures.

Treat these clients like any new client who visits your studio.

Potentially, but that’s your decision to make.

Treat Michelob ULTRA clients like any other client at your studio.

Your weekly class that is designated a Happy Hour class is open to all of your clients.  Being designated a Happy Hour class simply means that your Instructor will use the opening & closing scripts to greet the students in the class.

Your studio needs to send us an invoice for $250 payable by credit card which will be paid after 4 weeks & separate, second invoice that will be paid after 8 weeks. 
Please send the invoices to

Have additional questions not listed here?

Send them to



with Video Tutorial Editing Instructions

The social media templates for your use are available to be edited and downloaded via Canva. You can access with the following information:
Password: BFSmichelob2020


Copy examples and templates below, feel free to adjust to match your studio tone.

MUSTS: use #MovementbyMichelobUltra and tag @MichelobUltra and @Boutiquefitsolutions

We’re teaming up with our friends at Michelob Ultra to bring you 8 weeks of Happy Hour workouts.

Join us for ____ and ____ Happy Hour classes.

What else?

•Each class will have giveaways like gear, On Demand subscriptions, and more

•Special offers and discounts for all attendees in each class

•Movement Tour runs until 9/17

•Workout with people from around the country thanks to Michelob Ultra helping out small businesses

Go to our link in-bio to sign-up now!

#MovementbyMichelobUltra #MichelobUltra #Boutiquefitnesssolutions #BFS

EVERY (ENTER DAYS)! 👊⚡️🍻Workout + Happy Hour + GIVEAWAY 🚨@yourstudio X @michelobultra are teaming up!

@instructorname will be taking you through our (class name) LIVE virtual class in collaboration with Michelob Ultra every (enter day) (Happy Hour) and (enter day) for the next 8 weeks! ⚡️🔥.Come for the (info about class) … stay to then come off mute and chat or ask questions AND GIVEAWAYS ! 🤗 🎉🌟.Sign up via (enter platform here).

Thank you to @michelobultra and @boutiquefitsolutions !

#MovementbyMichelobUltra #MichelobUltra #Boutiquefitnesssolutions #BFS

We’re beyond excited to be featured on the Movement by Michelob Ultra Live Tour! Join (studio) for the next 8 weeks in a collaboration with Michelob ULTRA. Each week (studio) will offer two dedicated live classes on the tour with @instructors! 💥 (day and time) live stream (class name) with @instructor and (Day and time) (class name) with @instructor.

To sign up head over to the link in our bio. Each class we will guarantee you a great sweat sesh, along with a giveaway and of course a happy hour chat! 

#MovementbyMichelobUltra #MichelobUltra #Boutiquefitnesssolutions #BFS