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How to Support your Clients and Maintain a Community During a Crisis

With the advent of "Social Distancing," how can studio owners proactively foster their community while protecting their financial exposure? In... Read More

4 Recommendations to Impact Racial Inequities in Our Industry

. Originally published on: 06/07/2020   On June 6, 2020, as George Floyd’s tragically shortened life was memorialized by family... Read More

Addressing Race in Boutique Fitness

.Empowerment Training Expert Leanne Shear sat down with Nt Etuk, Founder of FitGrid and Co-Founder of BFS and Kendra Blackett-Dibinga,... Read More

Building a Profitable Business Through Diversity

Originally published on: 06/11/2020 When my partners and I started Mariana Tek in 2015, we set out to create not... Read More

3 Steps to Empower Yourself

It’s safe to say that most of the world is hoping that 2021 will be an improvement over 2020. The... Read More

5 Tips for Successfully Adding a New Offering to Your Business Model

Building a business - or a new revenue stream within an existing business - can be overwhelming. But it can... Read More

5 Tips to Improve Studio Retention (Virtually or In Person)

When it comes to retaining clients for your business, it’s critical to consider the balance between using a platform to... Read More

Pricing Part I: One Way to Determine The Best Pricing For Your Virtual Offerings

What to charge for your goods and services is a very complicated topic: people get actual PhDs in pricing and... Read More

JoyRide Cycling + Fitness Studio Launches JoyRideGO, A Custom Fitness App for At-Home Workouts

Platform Will Offer On-Demand and Live High-End Cycling, Fitness Classes BRAND WELL-KNOWN FOR CHALLENGING WORKOUTS, POSITIVE VIBE   JoyRide Cycling... Read More

Financial Projections Quick Guide

This article will help you understand WHY financial projections are important WHAT information is needed to create them HOW specifically... Read More

Intention over Perfection: The Story of Y7 and Sarah Levey

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN As many journeys in the wellness and fitness spaces do, Y7 started with an injury. In... Read More

Virtual Only: The Story of Pilatesology’s Nearly Decade in the On Demand Business

The Pilatesology story What inspired Alisa Wyatt to turn her passion for practicing classical Pilates into a formidable and successful business... Read More

State of the Industry Part II Recap

Recap from April 2020 State of the Industry The next 12-18 months are going to be difficult. Many friends may... Read More

Is Your Business Leaving Money on the Table? The Opportunities of Corporate Wellness

In the times of working from home, employers are looking out for the mental and physical health of their employees... View

Breathe Easier: How Retail Revenue Can Support Your Biz

For many studio owners retail can feel like a "nice to have" or "brand necessity" with little ROI but this... View

Partner Up: How Strategic Partnerships and Pivots have brought Bikram Yoga Works Success

We all know we can't do it alone, but this tip goes further than referring to team management.  In the... View

How Tammeca and Harlem Cycle Pedaled All The Way to a Massive Social Presence and Major Collabs

The Harlem Cycle Story Tammeca Rochester, founder of Harlem Cycle, took her first spin around the Central Park loop eight... Read More

The Principles of Pricing Your Virtual Fitness Business

Pre-Covid or post, pricing has always been a hot topic While the trending topic du jour may have shifted from... View

From Chance Marathon Runner To CEO of Mile High Run Club; the Story of Willy Heath

William (Willy) Heath is not your average seasoned boutique fitness insider-turned-CEO. Though athletic growing up by way of the track... Read More

How Gail Asbell and Upstate Studios Have Found Success Through Overdelivering

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we in the boutique fitness space have heard a lot of bad news: studio closures and... Read More

Tips for Taking Action Right Now With Your Virtual Fitness Business (yes you CAN do it)

Join Lisa Taylor, owner of Evolution Power Yoga, for this 30-minute fireside chat with Julian Barnes.  Lisa will discuss how... View

From Modality to Format to Platform: Learn From JoyRide’s Past Virtual Experiences

Join this Fireside Chat with JoyRide Co-Owner Becky Cerroni to learn from her experiences with platforms, setups, and models that... View

How to Increase Your Cash Flow Options: From Needs Probing to Secure Revenue Stream

We have heard time and time again the past few months that adding additional revenue streams could save your business... View

Virtual Fitness: Make More Money from Your Content in 3 Steps

Jump into the digital fitness business. Whether you've been teaching classes through Zoom or releasing weekly content, join us to... View

5 Ways to Generate New Revenue

  Covid-19, the dirty ‘C’ word, has wreaked havoc on your studio. You managed to keep your head above water... Read More

The Importance of Shifting Your Mindset in a Time of Crisis with Emma Barry

Emma Barry, internationally known consultant, author, boutique industry expert pundit, and speaker recently talked to BFS Co-founder Julian Barnes about... Read More

Questions to Ask Yourself When Marketing Your Virtual Business

Like everything else, marketing in the COVID world is a whole different game...and according to BFS marketing experts, thinking beyond... Read More

5 Steps for Creating Growth Opportunities in 2020

You’ve just heard that your biggest competitor is going out of business. What is going through your mind? You may... Read More

2020 BFS State of the Industry
April 2020

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED 4.24.2020 Overview Many have asked what we believe about the future of boutique fitness. We are bullish. We... Read More


  While it had been brewing for quite some time, both within the company and within me, the actual shutting... Read More

Exiting Lockdown: Opportunities To Rebuild And Engage Your Team

ALIGN YOUR PEOPLE PLAN TO YOUR PURPOSE Your purpose is your guiding light.  Everything should extend from your purpose; your brand,... Read More

Making the Tough Decision to Close

As a former boutique fitness studio owner and operator, as well as a writer, I’m well-positioned to consult with BFS... Read More

Why Your Marketing is Failing to Grow Your Virtual Studio

When battling a saturated market and clients suffering from virtual fitness fatigue, improving your virtual fitness efforts from every angel... View

David vs. Goliath: How upgrading your tech can turn your studio into a Peleton-crusher

With virtual fitness here to stay and no longer the "stop-gap" for business owners, it is time to build your... View

How to Level with Your Landlord: Live Q&A with Commercial Real Estate Expert

We all know your largest two expenses as a studio owner always come down to rent and payroll. With your... View

Ask Me Anything with KK Hart: Marketing During a Pandemic

In a recent survey of our community one of the top challenges identified by studio owners was how to market... View

Brrrn’s Pivot Into Connected Fitness

Brrrn founders Jimmy Martin and Johnny Adamic seemingly only think outside the box, including the four walls of the brick... Read More

Are You Truly Surviving? How to Measure Success in the COVID Era

In this Live Presentation, our data partners at iKizmet will dive into the 3 most important metrics to help you... View

The Secret to Engaging your Clients Virtually

When asked about your biggest challenges at this time, many of you replied that it was re-energizing your clients to... View

Shrinking Your Business to Survive a Storm: Live Q&A with Finance Expert Lauren Schoenfeld

It’s August 2020 and we just passed mile 5 of a marathon you didn't know you would be running. You’re... View

State of the Industry Part II

It's been almost 4 months since we published our 2020 State of the Industry and there have been so many... View

How to Stand Out, Not FHIT In

Former marketing exec turned fitness industry leader, Kari Saitowitz grew Fhitting Room to be a powerhouse of a brand in... View

Shifting Your Mindset for a New Era with Emma Barry

Join BFS and Industry Badass, Emma Barry, for 30 minutes of lightening fire inspiration and advice on how to shift/reset... View

The Survivors: 5 Common Denominators of Successful Studio Owners

As many studios (and small businesses in general) face the very real possibility of having to close their doors, when... Read More

Exploring a Licensing Business Model with Sadie Kurzban of 305 Fitness

 305 Fitness had been pivoting their business model into instructor training/licensing for well over a year before Covid-19 hit, but... Read More

The Rise of Serial Wellness Entrepreneur Amanda Freeman

Amanda Freeman never set out to be a fitness impresario; she simply followed her passion for wellness, and the road... Read More

My Studio Is Open & This Is What It Looks Like… with MISSION Portsmouth

Tune in for this Fireside Chat with Mindy Anderson of MISSION Portsmouth as she discusses what reopening has looked like... View
women exercising

Questions for Studio Owners Who Have Reopened Their Doors, Part 3

.We sat down with more studio owners to understand their reopening strategy, how reopening went, and what they’re thinking about... Read More

The Role and Responsibility of Social Media and Influencers in Boutique Fitness

. Even before COVID-19 hit, the fitness and wellness industries were abuzz with the growing presence of social media influencers...for... Read More

Marketing on a Budget

Join this Live Discussion with Reyna Hoerdeman, owner of Studio Fit Chicago and founder of Queen B Media, to find... View

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Nutrition Program

Are you looking to start adding nutrition programs into your studio? If you are a studio owner looking to add... View

Stretch Your Mind, Your Business Plan…AND Your Revenue Streams

Join us for this Fireside Chat with Amanda Freeman (Founder of SLT and Co-Founder of Stretch*d) who is no stranger... View

Video On Demand is A Whole Different Biz, Here’s How…

Jennifer Maanavi was ahead of her time in boutique fitness and the barre boom when she opened Physique 57 in... View

From “I have no business being in business” to Industry Mastermind
The Story of Cyndi Weis

Cyndi Weis is a classic multi-hyphenate with one driving characteristic at her core: vision. The founder of Breathe Yoga and Juice... Read More
women exercising

Questions for Studio Owners Who Have Reopened Their Doors

.We sat down with two different studio owners to understand their reopening strategy, how reopening went, and what they’re thinking... Read More

My Studio Is Open & This Is What It Looks Like… with Josh & Christa

Tune in for this Fireside Chat with Josh Boyd of The 12 & Christa Gurka of Pilates in the Grove... View

How Athletic Instinct is using new technology and a hybrid model to restore revenue and community post-COVID

. Athletic Instinct chose a unique solution to their post-pandemic restriction problems by integrating a hybrid business model that serves... Read More

Selling Through Technology

. Excerpt from: From Funnels to Flywheels: Learning Sales Models that Work class Become a BFS INSIDER to access the full class.... Read More

Addressing Race in Boutique Fitness

Join us in this powerful hour-long Town Hall led by Empowerment Training Expert Leanne Shear as she dives into a... View

Determining the ROI of your Tech Stack

You know that software costs are necessary to running an efficient business but how do you know if your tech... View

Exiting lockdown: Opportunities to rebuild and engage your team

As we begin to exit lockdown and reopen our studios, how are you feeling about the daunting task of rehiring... View

How to Sell Memberships in the New World

  “But Ben, many of my members lost their jobs and they don’t have sustainable income to hold a membership.... Read More

What if my Staff Isn’t Ready to Come Back? | 5 Steps to Leading Your Grand (Re-)Opening

The local government announcements have been made, and the dates have been set. You're ready to get back to business!... Read More

The Business Case for Diversity: Fireside Chat with Stacey Seldin

In this Fireside Chat led by BFS Co-Founder Julian Barnes, Stacey Seldin, Co-Founder and former CEO, Mariana Tek, will discuss how - and why - she built... View

Questions for Studio Owners with Reopened Studios

. We sat down with three different studio owners to understand their reopening strategy, how reopening went, and what they're... Read More

Managing Your Subs while Reopening or Expanding your Online Platform

Reopening post pandemic has and will bring unprecedented challenges, like managing your instructor/coach staff and their substitutions. By following these... Read More

Reconnect, Re-engage, and Rebuild your community

As you plan to open the doors of your brick and mortar once again, we turned to our community-building pro,... View

My Studio Is Open & This Is What It Looks Like…

Join this Fireside Chat with Becky Cerroni of JoyRide Cycling and Dana Dreifus of Whole Body Studios (both of whom... View

[DOWNLOAD] Five Steps For A Successful Reopen After COVID-19

How To Relaunch Your Studio and Build Trust Through Savvy Marketing This White Paper Includes: Specific, actionable advice for running... Read More

[Podcast] The Perfect Reopen: Reconnecting Community Through Exceptional Customer Experience

In today’s episode we explore the topic of reopening a studio. Jordan Strouse shares how Houston has already come together... Read More

The Massive Opportunity To Start Fresh: 5 Reopening Ideas for Boutique Fitness Owners

Reopening our company doors to our clients presents us with an unprecedented opportunity to start fresh. After all the uncertainty,... Read More

Re-Engage your Staff & Manage Smoothly in the Post Covid World: Fireside Chat with OurPeople CEO, Ross McCaw

Join us for this live Fireside Chat with OurPeople CEO, Ross McCaw.  Ross is a longtime software entrepreneur who has... View

Insider No. 78: The High-Performance Lifestyle

VISION BFS imagines a world where evolving fitness consumers can live strong healthy lives by partnering with businesses that offer... Read More

[IT’S HERE] Your weekly updates for July 19th – 25th

This week's top content and upcoming events...   Things continue to remain uncertain in boutique fitness, especially when it comes... Read More

May 27th Webinar: Navigating the challenges of re-opening your gym or studio

We’ll discuss how to communicate reopenings to clients, measures you can take to instill member confidence, and the different challenges... Read More

Safety Protocols: The Gold Standard

It's hard to know where to start with developing your re-opening protocols and then how to communicate them to your... Read More

Zenplanner Re-Opening Playbook

Daxko, the parent company of Zen Planner, SugarWOD and UpLaunch recently gathered distinguished panels of medical experts and industry leaders... Read More

Time to Reopen: How Boutique Fitness Companies Can Not Only Survive, but Thrive

  As states begin to greenlight business re-openings following shelter-in-place orders, boutique fitness operators should take steps to ensure that... Read More

Cash Flow with Maura Vella

The survival of your business is contingent on not only having positive cash flow but also a solid understanding of... View

Live Q&A with Tech Experts from AV Now

There's been a lot of focus and emphasis on tech during quarantine because of the heavy reliance on virtual fitness... View

How I Developed my Reopening Plan A… and B and C: Fireside Chat with Stephanie Moran

Join Nt Etuk and Stephanie Moran for this informative Fireside Chat on how Moran developed a plan and accompanying projections... View

Live Q&A with FitGrid CEO & Founder Nt Etuk

Join us for this Live Q&A with FitGrid CEO & Founder and BFS Co-Founder to ask all of your questions... View

305 Fitness Workout & Fireside Chat with Sadie Kurzban

305 Fitness had been pivoting their business model into instructor training/licensing for well over a year before Covid-19 hit, but... View

Time to Reset Your Fitness Business During COVID19

At a time when the world is going through tremendous fear and uncertainty in our industry (like others) has been... Read More

How 1:1 Training Can Save Your Business

There's been a lot of discussion regarding group classes, virtual and in person, but 1:1 training sessions are a vital... View
kettlebell workout

How to Begin Thinking About Your Reopening Strategy

As the fitness industry moves into a world of uncertainty, there will be a time where life gets back to... Read More
apple watch at laptop

A Brand-Building Exercise for Boutique Fitness Owners

. It’s hard to imagine a more sudden and widespread meltdown of the boutique fitness industry. And you’re probably in... Read More

Tips to Remember for Your Virtual Business

Now more than ever is a good time to start thinking about your business model and what potential new strategies... Read More

Resetting with Scott Hopson

How we show up during and after this pandemic will say a lot about who we are and what is... View

Video On Demand 2020: Ask The Experts

Tune in for this live Q&A with VOD veterans and experts: Subscription/Premium Video Expert – Matt Given, CEO of Intelivideo... View

A Brand-Building Exercise for Boutique Fitness Owners with Greg Monaco

Let’s be honest. Your customers can go anywhere to spin on a stationary bike or sweat through a Yoga class.... View

How LadyStrong Fitness is Thriving Through COVID-19

My name is Brittany Welk, I am the Co-Founder of LadyStrong Fitness and we have been one of the many... Read More

Webinar Recording | ClubReady Quickstart Payment Protection Program

Introducing the ClubReady Quickstart Paycheck Protection Program Join ClubReady President, Darol Lain and CEO of our parent company and franchise... Read More

Podcast | The Right Way to Stream Boutique Fitness Classes in the Age of COVID-19

In today’s episode Shay and Barry share their insights on how boutique studios should be approaching video on demand and... Read More

Podcast | Fitness Career Mastery – Music Licensing 101

Music Licensing has always been a hot topic in the fitness industry, but now it’s essential to understand since so... Read More

Video On Demand 2020: Ask The Experts

Rewatch this live Q&A with VOD veterans and experts: Subscription/Premium Video Expert – Matt Given, CEO of Intelivideo Music Expert... View
laptop at coffee shop

Cash Flow Projection Toolkit for Boutique Studios

WHY USE A CASH FLOW PROJECTION? The survival of your business is contingent on not only having positive cash flow... Read More

I Took My Boutique Fitness Studio Off Classpass. Here’s What Happened Next.

In January 2018, I wrote a Medium article about my ambivalence towards Classpass as a studio owner on the Classpass platform. I... Read More

From Funnels to Flywheels: Learn Sales Models that Work for your Virtual Studio

You had a new client journey laid out in-studio but have you determined what this looks like virtually?   Dive in... View

Top 4 Ways to Create a Digital Video Fitness Business NOW

With the world of fitness shifting for a period of time, digital video has become a critical solution. During this... View

I’m Closing My Studio: What to Do Now to Provide Value to Your Membership Virtually?

Join Nicole Aucoin, Founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition and HSN Mentoring, as she discusses how to successfully transition to a... View

Adding Accountability and Support During Uncertain Times Through Nutrition Coaching to Retain Your Membership

As a studio owner, this is your opportunity to be the leader in your community and provide clients support when... View

LIVE Q&A with Proskauer Labor & Employment Associates Danielle Moss & Laura Fant

Be sure to check out the Labor & Employment Playbook in advance to make sure you have all of your... View

Q&A with VOD Veteran and MELT Method Founder, Sue Hitzmann

Sue and the MELT Method were at the forefront of incorporating a video on demand platform. Many years, hundreds of... View

LIVE Q&A with AV Now Experts

After 25 years in the industry and now hours of working around the clock to replicate and address the issues... View

Ask Me Anything with KK Hart

In the worst of times, the best people give back & we believe one of those people is KK Hart!... View

Tips for Taking Action Right Now Where you Are (and on a Shoestring Budget)

Join Lisa Taylor, owner of Evolution Power Yoga, for this 30-minute fireside chat with Leanne Shear.  Lisa will discuss how she and Evolution... View

Case Study: How to Launch Your Studio’s Video on Demand Classes in Just Four Days

We are thrilled to share this case study put together by Solmark Creative. Jenni and Mike Schwartz are an incredible team,... Read More
women working out to laptop

Engagement Strategies to Maintain Your Fitness Community Virtually

“Hello from the other side!” - Adele (and me).  As a group fitness studio owner and instructor I am used... Read More

Webinar Recording | SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program by Chase for Business

What Does the Paycheck Protection Program Mean for You: Relieving Financial Strain during COVID-19 VIEW HERE Read More

Webinar Recording | The CARES Act of 2020 “Opportunities for Small Businesses” by Insperity

Experts from Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck National Tax Policy Group partner with leaders from Insperity to discuss the new CARES... Read More

Webinar Recording | SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program by Chase for Business

What Does the Paycheck Protection Program Mean for You: Relieving Financial Strain during COVID-19 VIEW HERE Read More

Webinar: March 26th | How to grow community with virtual classes

This can be a time to get your clients to bond with you. Depending on the streaming solution, you can... Read More

Webinar Recording: Evaluating live-stream business models so you can decide which way to go

Studios have long talked about moving virtual. Those with the resources have developed streaming models that allow them to push... Read More

Webinar Recording: Is live-streaming the right solution for you?

We are in a disaster situation! Your clients are in a disaster situation!  As a result, the simplest and fastest... Read More

Score Webinar – Understanding Cash Flow – A Critical Component to the Life of Your Business

Cash flow is the oxygen for a growing business. As a small business owner, you MUST have a firm grasp... Read More

FitGrid LIVE Streaming

  Access FitGrid's instructions document to use their new live-stream solution. This solution only works with group fitness studios using... Read More

Consultation with KK Hart

KK Hart is offering complimentary 15 min consults to get your questions answered individually, or reach out for a free... Read More

Coaching, Powered by Lumen

Bring personalized nutrition powered by cutting-edge technology to your members when they need it most. Free to you. Gyms are... Read More

Webinar Recording | All you need to know to train your instructors in a live-stream world

Ever heard of Tik Tok or Instagram Stories? These platforms provide a world of selfies and authentic video – and they... Read More

HSN’s Zoom Crash Course

As a studio owner, you have two options right now: curl up or step up. Please choose the ladder. Your... Read More

Zen Planner’s Rapid Recovery Toolkit for Boutique Fitness Businesses

The ever-changing coronavirus outbreak has impacted daily lives throughout the world, and it has unquestionably impacted the fitness industry. To... Read More
Women in workout clothes in front of laptop

Don’t *Just* Go Digital with Your Fitness Studio!

Stressed? Need Direction? Not sure of your next step? Once you've addressed your urgent needs, this may be the time... Read More

5 Metrics to Monitor for the Health of Your Fitness Studio

When the unexpected happens, you can count on data to tell you the full story. Whether business is booming or... Read More
workout with mask

How The Boutique Fitness Industry Can Take On COVID-19

The coronavirus situation is unprecedented, we are all searching for answers.  Our boutique fitness industry – the gyms, studios and... Read More
laptop and coffee

3 Ways to Make the Most of a Forced Studio Closure

This is not an easy time to be a small business, is it? As if it isn’t always hard enough,... Read More

Hardship is Real in the Boutique Fitness Industry as an Owner

Evolution Power Yoga has been in business since 2001, and in the last nearly 20-year period since our opening, we’ve... Read More

Can Live-Streaming Save Your Fitness Business?

Are you grappling with whether live-streaming is a worthwhile investment of your time? The industry is in crisis mode. The... Read More

How to Manage Your Team During a Crisis

A pandemic is unprecedented for the boutique fitness industry and with that comes a lot of uncertainty and first times... Read More
How do I find the cash flow to survive?

“How do I find the cash flow to survive?”

On January 20th, I received my first Covid-19 email from a client in Hong Kong that began: “There’s this virus…”... Read More

3 Reasons Why Nutrition Should be at The Top of Your Priority List As a Studio Owner

Here are 3 reasons why nutrition should be at the top of your priority list:  . 1. Clients See Better... Read More

How Burn Boot Camp Leverages MINDBODY to Engage New Members Securely and at Scale

  While Burn Boot Camp opened a whopping 234 locations in 38 states in just four years, the brand started... Read More
resistance band workout group

Fitness Industry Update: Why Independent Contractors May Not “Nama-stay” That Way

Recently passed and proposed employment laws relating to the classification of employees may significantly impact the fitness industry. Now more... Read More
Take Your Studio Instagram to the Next Level

4 Ways to Take Your Studio Instagram to the Next Level

A couple of years ago, we started taking our Instagram real serious. We pride ourselves on being a fun, witty,... Read More

CEO Summit – NYC 2020

    COMING SOON       Read More
WellnessLiving I don’t feel like a number

WellnessLiving | 105F Case Study

“With WellnessLiving I don’t feel like a number. I feel like everyone knows who I am, and it feels good.”... Read More
Episode 56 of #WeGotGoals with Marc Marano

This Week’s Recommended Listening: Episode 56 of #WeGotGoals with Marc Marano

LISTEN IN:   As president of the U.S. expansion at F45 Training – the Australian-born fitness franchise – Marc Marano’s... Read More
retail shop interior

5 Exercises to Strengthen your Retail Muscle

Are you a fitness pro, but a business novice? Did you open your studio to bring health & mindfulness to... Read More

This Week’s Recommended Listening: Episode 76 of Fitness Career Mastery – Hiring, Firing, and When to Call it Quits

  Part one of this insightful series is all about the hiring process and how to find a great fit... Read More
box jump


Answer 1: Contributed by Chris Gallo, VP of Business Development for ClubReady My advice would be to post price for... Read More
website outline

Landing Page Best Practices for Fitness Business Owners

A landing page can be a powerful tool for Fitness Business owners looking for ways to promote their business and... Read More
Group of Women Doing Work Out

7 Client Retention Tips for Your Boutique Fitness Studio

If you run a boutique fitness studio, client retention should be your top priority. Do you have a strategy in... Read More
Woman dancing fitness

Guide Your Fitness Marketing Strategies

How to set reasonable goals and measure your success in reaching your studio's ideal profit margin. The fitness industry is... Read More
fitness clients give high five

3 Things to Focus On When Building Community in Your Fitness Studio

You all want clients to feel welcome when they walk through your door every day. After all, it’s that sense... Read More
studio women

Forget About High-End Marketing Tactics. Just Get the Basics Right.

Small, intimate, specialized spaces for fitness are rising in popularity - and the numbers prove it. The pilates and yoga... Read More
boxing in gym

5 Misconceptions About Adding Kickboxing Programs to Studios

As a gym owner, you’re responsible for your members, employees, and overseeing the programs. You’re the captain of your ship,... Read More
women on tablet

Go Paperless: The Benefits of Digitizing Studio Registration

On boarding clients at yoga and Pilates studios can be particularly burdensome. This may involve asking clients to fill out... Read More

CEO Summit

The CEO Summit is for growth-oriented studios that have already built replicable systems, are profitable and are ready to learn... Read More

Q&A with Canada Salter

In this 30 minute intimate Q&A with Founder & CEO of A Perfect 10, Canada Salter, you will have the... Read More

Fireside Chat with David von Storch

Hospitality business guru, David von Storch, joins BFS Co-founder Julian Barnes for this 45 minute fireside chat.  As the founder and CEO of Urban... Read More

Financing Your Business: The Inside Scoop

Why does a company (Rumble) with a single location, at the time, garner an $80 million valuation whereas your 3... Read More

Personal and Financial Planning: Driving Your Best Financial Outcome

Most business owners focus on running and growing a successful business without focusing on one of the most important factors... Read More

Building A Team That Grows Your Business

Randy Kane is the General Partner of a $35MM private equity fund (Profec Partners) focused on investments in the Health... Read More

3 Steps for Long-Term Success at Your Fitness Business

We’re just a couple months into the new year, which means you may be still be looking to attract “resolution-focused”... Read More

Client Retention Strategy

It costs your business 5-25 times more to acquire a new client than it does to keep a client you... Read More

The Under-Appreciated-Somewhat-Complex-But-Seriously-All-Important Need for a GREAT Customer Experience Through Your Technology

Delivering a phenomenal customer experience is of utmost importance, not just inside the studio, but along every step of the... Read More

Superstar Sales Strategies: Qualifying Leads, Listening and Closing the Deal

Many studios owners want more revenue and hate the idea of selling, but No Sales = No Revenue and without... Read More

7 Pillars of 7 Figure Studios

In order to succeed, you must fail...over and over again. Do your time and be patient for profits, as they’ll... Read More

Retain Your Team Members, Not Only Your Clients

We are in the business of people. People are what makes our studios tic. We spend a lot of time... Read More

How to Make VOD Part of Your Membership Experience

Are you using online streaming in your fitness business? VOD (Video on Demand) is changing the way consumers sweat when... Read More

Leverage Your Entire Community to Maximize Retention, Revenue & Profit

Want proven techniques for turning your studio’s entire community of staff and members into a retention-, revenue- and profit-driving machine?... Read More

Corporate Wellness’ Billion Dollar Bridge: Growing Your Client Base Through Sustainable Revenue

So you've decided to explore the worksite wellness industry for a recurring revenue stream but are unsure where to start.... Read More
friends at gym

BrandCulture: The Recipe for Success for Boutique Fitness

BrandCulture (not a typo, think MindBody), is your company’s unique DNA. It’s a living, breathing manifestation of your organization’s purpose... Read More
ropes fitness

Brand Building Through Marketing for Fitness Studios

Kelsey Fuson, Marketing Manager at BurnCycle, focuses on bringing their unique brand to life in the form of marketing campaigns,... Read More

7 Signs of Fitness Studio Failure

After the grand opening shindig and your studio is running smoothly, many assume the honeymoon will last forever. However, successful... Read More
workout equipment

5 Key Insights on the State of the Boutique Fitness Industry in 2019

BFS hit NYC last month for the second year in a row.  Offering the same insights we have come to... Read More
fit friends

3 Strategies to Boost Client Retention

When it comes to growing your business, keeping your clients happy is essential. Here are three expert tips for client... Read More

BFS-NYC 2019 Speakers – Five Questions with Stephanie Moran

Stephanie Moran What trends do you see most affecting the future state of the Boutique Fitness industry? Consumers are increasingly... Read More

Flywheel Co-Founder Ruth Zukerman to Join Boutique Fitness Summit in New York City on April 26, 2019

Flywheel Co-Founder Ruth Zukerman to Join Boutique Fitness Summit in New York City on April 26, 2019 Sessions, Speakers &... Read More

CEO Summit

Do you own a thriving fitness studio that’s generating more than $2 million annually in one location, and want to... Read More

BFS Ventures – Invitation Only

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Leverage Your Entire Community to Maximize Retention, Revenue and Profit

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How to Prepare for the Next (First) Recession

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Using Dynamic Pricing to Increase Your Studio’s Profits

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Keynote Speaker

Nearly 17 years ago, Eschbach was among the first in the industry to bring to market a wellbeing brand, a... Read More

BFS-NYC 2019 Speakers – Five Questions with Gail Giovanniello

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BFS-NYC 2019 Speakers – Five Questions with Frank Benedetto

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Exhale Founder Annbeth Eschbach to Keynote at Boutique Fitness Summit in New York City on April 26th, 2019

Exhale Founder Annbeth Eschbach to Keynote at Boutique Fitness Summit in New York City on April 26th, 2019 New York,... Read More

BFS-NYC 2019 Speakers – Five Questions with Amy Glosser

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The Keys to Building a Strong Fitness Studio Staff

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