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Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in your community is essential for fostering a healthy, dynamic, and top-performing team, but conversations around racism, sexism, and intolerance can be tricky to navigate and require sensitivity, thoughtfulness, and confidence.

Let BFS continue to guide you as you strengthen and improve your business through Diversity and Inclusion.

Private Workshop and Town Hall

Oftentimes, a team is more comfortable opening up when an outside, neutral presence is brought in to lead and facilitate a conversation.  BFS is here to do just that.  Our team (combining our group experiences as studio owners, managers, empowerment experts, and leaders in the industry) is confident and seasoned at moderating conversations and encouraging participation.  We are ready to guide your team through this private town hall and workshop to make you #strongertogether.

In this private workshop your team will:

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Advisory Services

Note: This is not a consulting function and BFS will not provide any deliverables to the business owner during or after the consultation