Breathe Yoga Workshops

Diversification of revenue streams is the name-of-the-game to keep business growing during tough times.  Breathe Yoga has two offerings that can help boutique fitness businesses generate new audiences. 
Reset Your Diet:   A 4-week live online nutrition program that focuses on getting people out of the quarantine rut and feeling great again. Breathe is offering a 50/50 split to the BFS community. It starts July 14th, with the possibility of adding future dates.
Breathe Yoga Meditation Teacher Training:  Cyndi is co-hosting with davidji (international meditation teacher extraordinaire!) beginning July 27th. Gearing teachers up to be trained in meditation is not something that the yoga or wellness world has really stepped into yet. It is a huge wave coming and has become a great revenue stream for Breathe Yoga and Cyndi’s business.  Get trained in this 7-week virtual meditation teacher training to be the expert in your business, or immerse in this offering as self-care.  It is a win/win!

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