The makers of a social network for fitness. Cyborg is focused on empowering users by building digital communities and providing concise metrics on an easy-to-use platform. In Cyborg’s app, fitness facilities like studios, clubs, teams, and gyms can make custom groups called “Squads”. This provides a number of virtually-focused features like shared biometrics, a dedicated feed, a leaderboard, and a dashboard of member activity.

Using this new technology, fitness facilities can serve both in-person and virtual members with a single product. Cyborg shares 50% of its revenue with its channel partners, providing them a diversified revenue stream.

Founded in 2018, they were winners of NHTA’s TechOut competition. Cyborg’s headquarters is located in Manchester, New Hampshire.


Member/User Testimonials

“I downloaded Cyborg a couple weeks ago after a Saturday AM workout and started seeing the points show up, the comments from my workout pals made me smile, and then my competitive edge and motivation came back and finally lit that fire I haven’t had for years. It has put me back in the mindset that it’s okay to take time for me. It’s important for me to be my best self for my family.”

Jenn Downs

“Cyborg is really the only app I’ve come across that actually combines fitness and social networking in a way that makes sense and is fun to use. Being able to compete with your friends to see who can get the most points during a tough workout is a great motivator to give that extra push when it matters most.”

Lee Brock

“Cyborg is an amazing tool to connect with my friends and other people from the workout community. It keeps me motivated by tracking the calories that I am physically burning and by also tracking how much I am putting into my workouts. I am absolutely loving the app because it keeps me accountable and it makes me want to do more.”

Natalie Morin