FEET-NESS offers the tools, education and systems to stand out from the crowd and offer the full body workout that fits every client that comes through the door.
A complete postural workout is indispensable not only for wellness purposes but also for injury prevention and improved performance: basically 99% of your studio population. Most importantly you can’t have a “real” full body workout unless the feet are included. The feet are the foundations. Every day we are on our feet standing, walking or running. There is no athletic or functional movement that doesn’t involve our feet. Their health and movement affects our calves, hips, spine and posture with every step we take. But all too often the feet are overlooked. With FEET-NESS – The full body workout – the work on the body is always in connection with the feet to ensure the most efficient postural workout.

FEET-NESS offers online and in person continuing education, a class format, workshops.

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