HelloGym offers a comprehensive set of services to help your business from lead generation and appointment booking to customer service and call analytics reporting and quality assurance, all at your fingertips. We specialize in fitness because that’s where we started. Owning and working in the club.

– You don’t know what you don’t know. We can help with that.
– Understand how many leads are slipping through the cracks and going to your competitor.
– We act as an extension of your sales team, turning missed opportunities into appointments.
– Gain a competitive advantage by understanding how your staff is handling inquiries.
– We connect to your inbound leads by integrating with your inbound marketing efforts.
– Stop losing opportunity to your competitors.

As the communication platform and staffing solution for your gym, we support your team’s sales and customer service efforts so you can focus on the heavy lifting. Talking to a human instead of a robot is important, so we make sure there is always someone to speak to your leads, especially when your team can’t.

With call recording, the HelloGym portal provides a way for you to know how your staff is performing with lead follow up and inbound calls.

-It’s important to know and understand how your employees are doing when it comes to making great
first impressions and representing your brand. Great in-person salespeople don’t always translate to
great over-the-phone salespeople. Understanding how your staff is handling those inquiries gives you
an advantage over the competition.

Our team at HelloGym prioritizes a real, genuine, and productive conversation with your current and potential customers – because an automated answering system can’t listen, make your customers feel heard or sympathized with, or establish trust like a human can.

The day-to-day activities of running a gym can compromise the most important part of the customer journey; the Great First Impression. We help you make sure no prospect has a poor experience when trying to contact you to get more info and signed up.

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