Intelivideo is a white-labeled Video On Demand platform that enables businesses to build premium video streaming subscriptions. Our clients’ subscribers can stream or download video content on any device through a client-branded app on iOS, Android, tablets and various Smart TV apps.

The Intelivideo platform — built and powered by some of the best minds in data delivery, analytics and video technology — helps these businesses build and grow profitable subscription offerings. We do so by providing an all-in-one video subscription center, digital storefronts, educational resources for marketing and selling digital assets, and secure delivery via streaming or download. Our analytics engine provides clients with deep and actionable data. Our insights present a thorough understanding of new subscriber purchases, campaign ROI, video viewing habits and trends, and retention tools to minimize churn.

Whether you’re a franchised enterprise or a boutique studio, Intelivideo is the solution to take your brand digitally and cultivate loyal streaming subscribers.

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