PROnatal Fitness

PROnatal Fitness offers an innovative, evidence-based approach to Pre/Postnatal Education for Fitness Professionals – one that can help you (or your studio) truly stand out from the crowd.

Viewing the motherhood journey like the major athletic event that it is, PROnatal Fitness teaches professionals how to utilize a Performance-Based approach to “train” women more effectively for the demands ahead, and help them emerge stronger than ever.  The company offers Live Training and Online Training options for professionals to earn their CEUs and certificate as a Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist.  It also offers “Studio-Specific” training – a streamlined workshop that trains your instructors on how to better coach, and modify your studio’s workout, for your pre/postnatal clientele.  You’ll be surprised how the simplest concepts can make the BIGGEST impact in client experience and retention. With the growing demand for pre/postnatal expertise, discover how PROnatal Fitness can help take you (and your studio) to the next level.

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