Stretch*d Academy

Stretch*d is New York’s destination for stretching, recovery, and well-being. The Stretch*d Method of active, dynamic stretching improves flexibility, reduces aches and pains, accelerates recovery, and helps you perform at your peak.

Our online courses in the Stretch*d Method of assisted stretching help you increase your revenue, and improve your clients’ performance and well-being.

The Stretch*d Method uses principles of active and dynamic stretching to provide the most effective, thorough, and safe stretch, completely customized to the needs of any body. Developed by Masters-level musculoskeletal experts and performed on thousands of bodies—from office workers to athletes.


Introducing assisted stretching to your programming allows you to:

  • Help clients recover faster, prevent injury, and perform at a higher standard
  • Book longer sessions by incorporating dedicated active recovery time
  • Help alleviate common problems such as back, hip, neck and shoulder pain

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