Proskauer Webinar Recording

LIVE Q&A with Proskauer Labor & Employment Associates Danielle Moss & Laura Fant

Listen back to this recording to hear answers to questions such as:
  • If a studio does not have paid sick leave options set up for employees, can they see repercussions if that comes to light due to COVID-19?
  • Do the amended Family Medical and Leave Act and/or Federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave laws only apply to employees, and not independent contractors?
  • The Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act covers an ADDITIONAL 2 weeks of Paid Sick Leave to the Employee but they could also draw upon their regular paid sick days for this time, is that correct?
  • Are employers eligible for government subsidies (under the federal bill) if the only salaries paid in 2019 were to independent contractors (not W-2 employees)?
and more.

Please note that although this Webinar addressed many general questions, nothing discussed shall constitute legal advice of any kind – as the answers very much depend on particular facts and circumstances.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: All answers are based on information released as of 4.3.20 and and other government resources should be continually referenced for updates and changes.

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