Webinar Recording: Is live-streaming the right solution for you?

We are in a disaster situation! Your clients are in a disaster situation!  As a result, the simplest and fastest way to help your business survive is to shift your existing classes to streaming and implore your customers to support you while you figure out the rest. This can tie your community together creating a bond that can help you get through this. It delays, for at least a few weeks, an exodus of clients, giving you crucial time to master the format, shift your mindset, and plot your next moves.

In this webinar, FitGrid will discuss topics such as:

  • Are live-streamed classes what clients want?
  • Can you keep clients engaged so they come back?
  • How the hybrid model works: part live-streaming and part in-person
  • How to make live-streaming work if your studio is closed and your team is isolated


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