Webinar Recording: Evaluating live-stream business models so you can decide which way to go

Studios have long talked about moving virtual. Those with the resources have developed streaming models that allow them to push content from their studios for a monthly subscription price, or they have created paywalls that keep recorded sessions of their content behind internet locks that only their members can access. However, most of the businesses that have been able to do that have been planning it for months, if not years.

If we all had resources, that’s what we might do … but most of us don’t. And most of us are scrambling in a game-changing scenario that none of us could have predicted. As a result, the simplest and fastest way to help your business survive is to shift your existing classes to streaming and implore your customers to support you while you figure out the rest.

In this webinar, FitGrid will discuss:

  • Do you keep your existing schedule, shorten it, or create something completely new?
  • Do I need to charge less for live-streaming?
  • Do I need to pay my instructors less for live-streaming?
  • How to set up live-stream revenue lines that will last through the crisis and beyond


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