7 Pillars of 7 Figure Studios

In order to succeed, you must fail…over and over again. Do your time and be patient for profits, as they’ll come years down the road. You’ve got to hustle, and hustle hard 24/7 until you drop dead or become the next Soulcycle. And, you’re gonna have to do it all on your own because no one else will ever do it as well as you can. Hogwash. Growth doesn’t have to feel like you’re climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro blindfolded with your hands tied behind your back. Meet the 7 Pillars we’ve used to build hundreds of 6 and dozens of 7 figure studios and discover how you can dial back your hours and drive up your profit margins. Don’t miss this session that will teach you how to create a successful business plan, increase profits, use creative marketing techniques, and build the right team for your studio. 

In this session, you will learn how to

  • Create a business plan that matches the life you want and set the stage for 30%+ profit margins.  You’ll meet Erin, whose yoga and Pilates studio profit margins grew from 6 to 47% while she dialed her hours back to 2 days a week.  
  • Use boring, but wealth inducing pricing, sales and marketing techniques to maximize every single dollar you spend to bring clients through the door.  You’ll meet Hannah, whose 74% conversion rate from introductory package to 12 month membership has her barre studio in line to grow to multiple locations.  
  • Build inside your studio with the right team and outside your studio with digital products, franchising and multiple locations.  Meet our ascension model, and grow far beyond your four walls.