Do Online Streaming Services Fit Into Your Business Model?

In the last year alone, there’s been an explosion of online fitness streaming services that let customers choose from hundreds of live and on-demand classes so they can exercise in their homes. Peloton Digital, ClassPass Live, Daily Burn, and Aaptiv are just some of the more popular, leading-edge companies successfully streaming fitness videos to eager consumers. In addition, providers such as Fitcloud Connect, Forte, Wexer, Burn Along, and Intelivideo have developed platforms so studios can easily produce high-quality digital programming right from their classrooms and exercise floors. In this current discussion, panelists will share their winning online streaming strategies – and how you can implement the same processes they use to start this new revenue stream for your studio. Plus: when online streaming might not be right for your studio’s services lineup. Regardless, online streaming is here to stay, and will become a point of differentiation between fitness studios sooner than you can say, “Give me 10 burpees.”