Financing Your Business: The Inside Scoop

Why does a company (Rumble) with a single location, at the time, garner an $80 million valuation whereas your 3 location business spitting off 20% net profit margins and $750k+ per location barely get a $5 million valuation?  Maybe you’re not interested in a massive valuation. Maybe you’re not interested in securing venture or private equity money. But if you’re a part of CEO Summit, you are interested in growth. And many of you with whom I speak, tell me that the biggest obstacle they face in growth is funding.

That’s probably wrong.  This session is focused on showing you how to get the funding you want from the people you want. Seldom is the problem a money problem. Most often it is a story problem. You are most likely not telling the right story to the right type of investors.

Nt Etuk, Co-founder of BFS and Founder of FitGrid has raised over $40 million for his various businesses based on telling great stories to the right audience.  Randy Kane is the General Partner of a $35MM private equity fund (Profec Partners) focused on investments in the Health & Wellness sector. This includes fitness, technology, and consumer products among others. Randy has been an Advisor to the founder and team of DanceBody from inception. With an investment banking start, his career has been spent in strategy consulting as well as founding and building several successful businesses. Together they will discuss how you can find the right funding from the right people with a combination of a great story, selective targeting of funders, and a lot of persistence.

This session is a must-have for any fitness entrepreneur looking to grow their business. Learn

  • Understand when you are ready for different stages of investment in your business
  • How to craft the story of your business
  • How to evaluate the right funding partners for your business

This registration fee for the CEO Summit is $269.