The Under-Appreciated-Somewhat-Complex-But-Seriously-All-Important Need for a GREAT Customer Experience Through Your Technology

Delivering a phenomenal customer experience is of utmost importance, not just inside the studio, but along every step of the customer journey. Learn how to make sure that your customers are happy when they interact with your brand. Many of these interactions happen through your technology. It’s not just about being pretty. Great UX/UI means that your customers are happy, and happy customers come back more often, make more transactions, and most importantly tell their friends. 

In this session, you will learn

  • What is a great customer experience? It’s not a touchy feely concept — there are metrics to answer this question!
  • How the customer experience drives bottom line performance.
  • What role do your technology partners play in your brand’s customer journey? And how can you get them to meet your standards?