Chris Merritt

Chris Merritt is a strength coach holding a degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Fitness Studies from the Pennsylvania State University. Recognized as one of the most sought after trainers in Northern Virginia, Chris has established a reputation for success with people from MANY walks of life due to his individualized, strength-centered approach to training, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and undying passion for helping others.

While having always been successful at sports as a child, Chris Merritt was evermore the “skinny” kid. In his late high school years he found a love for lifting weights and became enthralled in the ways he could transform his body, both from an aesthetics and performance standpoint. Chris attended his first training seminar in December of 2004, and was certified as a personal trainer soon after. This love eventually led him to the Pennsylvania State University to study Kinesiology, with the ultimate goal being to better those around him, both physically and mentally, for a living. He continued to work as a personal trainer and strength coach in a number of different settings all throughout college, further honing his experiences to fast-track the success of his clients on a regular basis.

After graduating in May of 2009, Chris went on to work in the fields of sports performance, personal training, corporate wellness, and physical therapy before opening Beyond Strength Performance NOVA.

Along with owning and operating Beyond Strength Performance NOVA, LLC, Chris runs the human performance training for a full-time Federal tactical law enforcement group, as well as an online community for personal trainers and strength coaches all over the world, Strength Faction, providing education, training, and so much more.

Chris spends his free time with his wife, Jessica, their daughter, Finley, and their two dogs, Lola and Dexter. He plays guitar and enjoys fishing and other outdoor activities regularly