Maura Vella

Since 2006, Maura Vella has co-owned, managed and taught at 105F, Chicago’s chain of original hot yoga studios. When the boutique fitness market reached supersaturation a few years ago, Maura had to summon every bit of practical wisdom to guide the studios onward. Her focus on making and deepening authentic connections with every heart-beating client led her to discover Lise Kucker and the Studio Grow team. In a matter of weeks after implementing new systems and processes, she was able to boost her business revenues to new heights. Her wholehearted engagement with the program made her a perfect fit with the Studio Grow team. Speak with Maura and you’ll get advice that she has personally tested and followed. Follow her advice and deploy a diverse portfolio of techniques to connect, evolve and flourish.

A happy wife and mother of three little girls, Maura enjoyed a successful corporate sales career before launching her yoga adventure. She holds BA degrees in Organizational Studies and Music from the University of Michigan.