Pablo Amaya

My name is Pablo Amaya and I am the co-owner of PR Performance Fitness in Annandale, VA.  While growing up in El Salvador, some of my fondest memories came from playing sports.  My early teenage years were mostly spent on the soccer field. At the age of 13, I was named the youngest Player of the Year for the El Salvador National Team.  At the age of 14, I won a gold medal in the 100-meter sprint at the Pan American Olympics (Juegos Panamericanos). When I wasn’t playing sports I spent my time in an apprenticeship program for El Salvador’s National Soccer Team as a physical therapist and studied kinesiology.  From an early age I experienced first-hand the direct association between sports, fitness and personal satisfaction. As a result, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in health and fitness.

A knee injury ended my dream of playing professional soccer after making the DC United Team at the age of 17.  I was very disappointed but my love of athletic endeavors was just beginning. I immersed myself in martial arts training and received a black belt in kickboxing.  I also trained and taught Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai for more than 7 years, as well as provide training for several professional soccer and rugby players.

A big part of my success as a Personal Trainer has to do with my customized and detailed assessments which includes biomechanics screening, movement patterns, joint range of motion, soft tissue realignment, mobilization and blood flow restrictions. First and foremost is to keep the fitness plan simple and easy to understand.  I like to explore a variety of plans in order to discover what approach works best for each client to achieve their goals.

This past summer I designed and implemented a week-long Sports Performance Camp for young elite athletes between the ages of 10-18.  The primary goal of the camp was to teach techniques that will enhance the athlete’s performance in competition.  The camp focused on using the latest advancements in sports science to develop strength, agility, speed, power, coordination, and balance as it relates to the sport in which they compete.

Last year my business partner and I were asked to establish a health and wellness program for a local law firm that employed more than 400 people.  We traveled to their work site twice a week and established a program that alternated between fitness training and classroom lectures. More recently, I was asked to train a professional ball room dance team including a World Champion dancer.

PR Performance Fitness is well grounded in community activities.  During the past year, in collaboration with the Fairfax County Police, I worked with Youth at Risk as a role model and adviser.  In addition, I made guest appearances on Univision and Telemundo to help advise families on nutrition and how to make healthy diet choices.  As Annandale’s Premier Fitness Studio our motto is Community Fitness Done Better.

Whether you are an elite athlete or just beginning to commit to regular exercise, I am confident that I can develop a training program that will fit your lifestyle.  My job as your personal trainer is to help you reach the next level of fitness. There are no limits….just bigger challenges for clients to take. I am confident that with my experience we can accomplish anything with hard work and discipline.