Rachel Martin

My name is Rachel Martin and I am a personal trainer with a love for sports and fitness.  I have spent my entire life in Northern Virginia. Along with my business partner, we decided to open our fitness studio in my hometown of Annandale, VA.  PR Performance Fitness opened its doors in December 2014 and our dream was realized.

My background in sports spurred my love for fitness training.  My experiences as a student athlete allowed me to take a holistic approach and focus not only on motivating my clients in the studio but encouraging them to make better lifestyle choices outside the studio.

When I was growing up, I spent most of my spare time playing basketball, soccer, running track, or playing tennis.  I was happiest when I was competing. Winning a National Championship in AAU basketball, playing varsity sports in high school and basketball at the college level taught me the importance of training.  More recently, I trained with former Olympic weightlifting medalist, Ahmed Ragheb and became a certified Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. I was even fortunate enough to participate in some weightlifting competitions.  I love the benefits of weightlifting so much that I implemented an eight-week weightlifting class for women called “Lifting with Attitude.” This strength training class was designed to make women more confident in the studio focusing on bench press and deadlift.  I am currently working on a new class that will focus on mastering the pull-up.

I learned very early that injuries are a part of an active lifestyle.  I blew out both knees, one in high school and the other one during my junior year in college.  Nursing an ACL injury is a long and painful process. I completely understand what it takes to stage a comeback and the dedication you need to go through rehabilitation and therapy. Time and time again, I am reminded of the positive influence that those two injuries have had on my fitness plans and injury prevention regimens.

My experience of what it takes to succeed on the competitive stage and in the workplace, enables me to help others reach their potential by overcoming obstacles.  As a personal trainer, I want to share my knowledge and motivate others to live strong and long happy lives. The key to achieving these goals is building a solid foundation from the beginning. Based on an individual’s comprehensive evaluation, I can create a customized diet and exercise program for anyone looking to enhance their quality of life.

I have enjoyed success in training a variety of clients.  PR Performance Fitness boasts a very diverse clientele.  We train young athletes, expectant mothers, senior citizens, and people recovering from injuries.  Recently a new grandparent told me how she had improved her energy level and was able to move around more easily without stiffness or pain.  The excitement in her voice when she talked about playing with her grandchildren while being more mobile, more flexible, and enjoying more stamina is just the best feeling in the world.  

In addition, I am extremely proud of giving back to the Annandale community.  PR Performance Fitness has held fundraisers for the Annandale Fire Department and the Fairfax County Police Department, collected food for the local food pantry, accepted donations for the Toys for Tots Program, and offered free fitness classes over the past several years.  As Annandale’s Premier Fitness Studio our motto is Community Fitness Done Better.  My job is more than programming.  It’s about impacting my community and teaching them a fitness experience they have never had before.

Because of my passion for training and my enthusiasm to live a healthy lifestyle, I absolutely love what I do.  I am firmly committed to helping others become stronger, faster, leaner, achieve greater flexibility and balance, and lead an overall healthier lifestyle.