Alicia Sokol

Alicia Sokol


Alicia is the proud owner of barre3 14th Street, which has been in business since March 2016. She discovered barre3 as a client in 2012, and was immediately drawn to the warmth of the community and the effectiveness of the class. Before long, she was running without joint paint and noticing new strength in her core. When Alicia became a barre3 instructor shortly thereafter, she realized that her on-the-side “fun” job could become an attractive “real” job. She is delighted to lead a vibrant and diverse barre3 community in the young and growing 14th Street neighborhood on DC’s northwest side. Previously, Alicia worked in public health communications and wrote a popular cooking blog, Weekly Greens, to inspire busy people to cook meals at home using fresh ingredients. Early in her career, Alicia worked in finance both as an equity analyst as well as a consultant in financial communications. She lives in DC with her husband and two sons.

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