Angela Jaskolski


In her current roles as Division President for Self Esteem Brands, Angela is responsible for the strategic direction and financial performance for three high growth boutique franchise brands – Basecamp Fitness, The Bar Method and Waxing the City.

Angela has dedicated her career to helping teams and businesses #makeithappen; taking even the most challenging businesses and turning them around. A temporary job at the front desk of a high-end salon chain turned into a passion for small businesses. Over the past 25 years, she has inspired and driven business performance and developed diverse teams in small, medium and large organizations, in private, public and franchise models across retail, beauty and fitness industries in roles ranging from location manager to regional field leader to division / brand level executive leadership. Angela is energized by scaling solutions to improve the experience for all stakeholders and she is a firm believer that there is always a way forward when you have the right people to make it possible.

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