AnnMarie Grohs

AnnMarie Grohs


  • Company: BOHO Studios

AnnMarie Grohs ran her first 10k in college. And she came in dead last – behind a team of 8 people carrying a Santa sleigh.

Ever since then, AnnMarie has challenged herself to do better – to do more – always striving for one goal: wellness. And to never again be bested by a gaggle of people carrying a large prop.

AnnMarie’s journey to wellness has taken her many places – to Chicago where she learned to appreciate the outdoors when she could; to D.C. where she learned the limits of – and ways – to challenge her body; and to Richmond where she learned the effect that food could have on her overall.

It all ultimately drove her to open BOHO Studios, a Richmond, Va.-based group of fitness studios (indoor cycling, strength training, nutrition coaching) focusing on fitness, nutrition, and health. Today, AnnMarie continues to explore her commitment to wellness, keenly aware that wellness isn’t a fraction of life: it’s the whole of it.

“The most important thing is fun,” she says. “You’ve got to have fun – and know what does your body good: whether that’s a run, a salad, yoga, reading a book, or knowing what clothes look good on your body.”

And AnnMarie continues her wellness journey. She still partakes of all the foods she loves – in moderation – and is aware that she’s constantly evolving. What worked for her 10 years ago may not work for her today – or 10 years from now. But she’s committed to sharing that journey and knowledge. And she hasn’t been beaten by a team of people carrying Santa’s sleigh again. Yet.

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