Carla Shifflett

Carla Shifflett


Carla Shifflett founded Posture Studio in 2006 where she developed a functional-based training approach to teaching Pilates and postural biomechanics. She teaches the Posture Studio methodology to movement teachers including Pilates, yoga, barre and athletic trainers.

Carla was first drawn to study movement analysis and Pilates in 1998 while recovering from injuries that did not improve after years of traditional physical therapy. In 2002, she became a certified Pilates instructor through The Physical Mind Institute and underwent intensive training and mentoring with osteopaths and fascial therapists. She found that working with an injured population taught her the art of seeing structural imbalances clearly.

Carla initially opened Posture Studio as the sole instructor and began teaching postural education and biomechanics of movement to clients. She found that by educating the client in postural alignment, it empowered them to gain the most out of their performance or therapy and greatly reduced injuries.

The strong demand for postural instruction and an educational approach to movement became clear as the studio quickly grew. Posture Studio currently has a team of instructors who have trained in the Posture Studio method under Carla’s tutelage. Her team works with clients ranging from pre or post-rehabilitation to professional athletes.

Holding a BA in Philosophy and Religion, Carla has completed a variety of postgraduate college anatomy courses and continues to study movement analysis and physical therapy techniques. She has studied the STOTT PILATES method extensively and is also a certified yoga instructor.

Carla is a recognized thought leader in the competitive boutique fitness industry in Charlottesville, Virginia and is a sought after teacher trainer. She is currently writing a book about her postural-based approach to movement.

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