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  • Profession: Owner
  • Company: CrossTown Fitness

Charlie Graff opened CrossTown Fitness in May 2013 with a focus on offering scalable, total body workouts to Chicagoans in a boutique setting. With 7 years of previous experience in owning a health club, Graff opened CTF in the heart of the West Loop accompanied by a strong, passionate team to offer high-intensity interval training group sessions, total body and strength classes, mobility and an open gym space. Along with personalized fitness services, Graff also offers exclusive perks for the gym’s members such as childcare, holiday parties, ski/golf trips, and a strong referral program while also making it a priority to support local small businesses in the area with monthly discounts and events.

Graff earned his Business Management and Secondary Education degrees from Eastern Illinois. He started his entrepreneurial career in the fitness industry by opening a health club in 2006 Plainfield, Ill. Over the last 14 years, Graff continued to evolve and grow with their from-scratch concept and structured business plan, including the opening of CrossTown Fitness West in 2013 and North location in 2015 and Roscoe Village in 2018. With a track record of increasing revenue y/y every year as much as 50% as well as navigating a profitable and successful exit strategy for his 1st health club Graff now places his focus on continuous expansion, Graff has a vision of opening several CTF locations across the Chicagoland area as well as additional locations in top tier cities across the nation. When Charlie is not sweating it out at CTF, he is building relationships with other gym owners around Chicago and enjoys spending his time with his wife and two sons.

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