Chris Beer


Chris Beer, the founder of B.Well Consulting, has a diverse background that is rooted in finance, driven by data, grounded by giving, fueled by entrepreneurial passion and made possible by hard work and grit. 

After a 20 year career in finance, Chris became a MINDBODY-Certified Business Consultant to further her ability to help fitness and wellness owners make data-driven decisions that propel their organizations forward. Chris specializes in the development and implementation of business operating systems — your company’s unique way of doing things  — how it operates, goes to market, produces and deals with its clients. An effective business operating system transcends the people who are doing and managing the work, and is more valuable as a result.

A business that effectively operates without you is always more attractive to public and private sources of capital.

Driven to be humble and helpful, B.Well Consulting works with small businesses to create more success while working more efficiently and gaining a better understanding of what drives their revenue.

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