Chris Perrin

Chris Perrin


Chris Perrin has been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years. Chris and wife, Alex, own and operate Cut Seven, a team-based sports conditioning studio in Washington, DC.  He prides himself on continually expanding his knowledge and holds certifications with ACSM, NASM, TRX, and ACE.  Chris has also served as a Nike, Fitbit and Lululemon Ambassador.
Chris grew up playing football outside of Boston.  As an asthmatic-overweight child, sports were never easy, but through the camaraderie and love of a challenge,  Chris continued and went on to play football for University of Connecticut.  After college Chris led a triple-life as accountant by day, PhD student by night, and personal trainer every spare minute in between.  Chris created Cut Seven’s program based on his football conditioning at UConn, experience with clients, and the workouts he himself enjoys. 

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