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Eric Posner is co-founder and CEO of SWERVE Fitness, the world’s first team-inspired indoor cycling studio. SWERVE has four locations supported by 65 instructors and staffers in New York City and nearby Montauk, generating more than $4 million in gross annual revenue.

Posner manages the company’s finances, investor relations, sales and marketing squads. As former collegiate athletes working in the New York City finance world, Posner and his two partners found that taking out clients to boutique fitness classes created a bond among the group not possible in the usual wining-and-dining setting.

Not only did this camaraderie remind them of their days in team sports, but they knew it could have a positive effect on individuals and groups alike. They knew this effect would be maximized in a truly team-based environment, so they turned this concept into a fitness experience. SWERVE shifts the fitness focus from “me” to “we” by using a team-based cycling workout to harness the motivation, community and accountability that make for an elevated experience.

Posner holds a degree in psychology and economics from Harvard University, and has experience as a Division I Lacrosse player under his belt. Before starting SWERVE, Posner held a position at Investment Bank HSBC.

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