Eric Von Frohlich

Eric Von Frohlich


Eric Von Frohlich is the co-Founder of Row House and the founder of EVF Performance.  He has 30 years under his belt as a fitness pioneer, athlete and spokesman in the fields of health, exercise, and wellness. Before 2000, Eric played Water Polo, Basketball, Jiu Jitsu and weight trained while enjoying running, cycling and surfing.  From 2000-2010 Eric developed and taught innovative classes at premier clubs in New York City and did Ironman while he was an early adopter to CrossFit and Stand Up Paddle Boarding.   personal fitness businesses  with a  very diverse range of clients  from teens to corporate leaders, elite athletes to special needs clients, in group settings as well as one-on-one in the Hamptons, Greenwich CT, and Manhattan.  His clients and students credit his motivational, insightful style with changing their bodies and lives for the better.

He was six-years-old when he discovered Jack LaLanne. He stood in front of his grandparents’ grainy black and white television and did calisthenics along with the ageless fitness guru in the jumpsuit. He loved the simplicity of the show; the set, the costumes, the camera angles. He found the exercises invigorating and the results amazing. “Even then, I knew I would be exercising for the rest of my life,” says Eric. “But I had no idea exercising would BE my life.  Today, Eric is a leader and national spokesman in the fields of health, exercise and wellness. With the opening of Row House, his second boutique fitness brand in Manhattan, he and his wife have pioneered the ultimate, indoor, rower-based workout. “The rower is like the redheaded step-child of fitness equipment,” he jokes. “But at the Row House, we use it to provide a low-impact, overall body workout that’s effective, communal and really, really fun. We’ve taken it out of the dusty corner and put it in the spotlight. And then we cranked up the music.”People are different, but some things are true no matter who you are,” Eric says. “I tell all my clients the same thing: ‘Everyone starts somewhere. Action dispels fear.’ Some of them just kind of stare at me at first, but eventually they get it.”

From those humble beginnings, watching a fitness legend on his grandparents old, low-tech television, Eric Von Frohlich has taken his health and fitness calling very seriously.  With Certifications from CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, Shwinn Spinning, ACE, and more he is able to help people move and feel better.

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