Gail Giovanniello


  • Profession: Founder & CEO
  • Company: Mind Your Body

Gail Giovanniello has a fascination for the limitless potential of movement and healing in the human body, and how incorporating fitness can permeate one’s entire life. Her decades-long devotion to fitness has driven her to pursue multiple methods; however, she discovered that Pilates is the most effective exercise for any physical level. In her studio and her teachings, Giovanniello promotes focus and attention to detail along with an in-depth comprehension of anatomy for movement.

Her extensive background, as well as Pilates continued education, allows Giovanniello to assist people with a broad range of physical concerns: post-injury rehabilitations posture and overall muscle toning. She offers profound and overall attention, interest and concern to all of her clients, and gives tireless care to the upkeep of her two studio locations. As a result, Mind Your Body was recently awarded MindBody’s Visionary Award in 2018 for demonstrating outstanding studio growth.

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