Joshua Zaffino

Joshua Zaffino


  • Profession: Director of Training and Development
  • Company: Lifestart

With almost 20 years in the fitness industry I have been able to overcome two pivotal events: 9/11 and a Recession.

As a new trainer with Fitness Formula Clubs in 2002 is found strength overcoming the challenges of 9/11 and a time when personal training was still very new. I was able to develop a strategy that wasn’t based on selling “sexy” exercises but rather on a personal connection and the ability to uncover the “why”.

I spent 11 years as a fitness director hiring and training countless staff. Our industry isn’t about pro athletes and celebrities but it’s more about the everyday person. I’ve always found success in identifying not just qualified staff but qualified for the clientele. I’ve never taken pleasure in a revolving door that is solely on revenue but rather qualified state that represents the community we’ve created.

As the Director of Training and Development for the largest corporate wellness management company, LifeStart I’ve been able to take my skills to the next level. I handle our groups new hire training and on-boarding and oversee all educational efforts.

Each day I get to work with an amazing team developing strategies and educating employees to be their best version of themselves, accomplish new goals and have fun.

I tell the teams: “it’s not what you know but who you know in the fitness industry”. With that I am great full for all the people I have learned from and the ones who allow me to team them.

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