KK Hart

KK Hart


HART Marketing & Communications Inc. was founded by KK Hart, who has over fifteen years of experience in sales, marketing, communications, business strategy and development.

With experience in a variety of industries, and specializing in the evolving fitness, beauty, health and wellness industries, Hart Marketing & Communications works with boutique businesses to represent and brand them with the expertise and prominence of a large company, leading to enhanced customer acquisition, retention and subsequently return on investment.

The company was created with the intention of helping small and medium-sized companies develop and utilize strategies, tools and systems for sustained growth. A central focus of the services provided is to develop sales and marketing solutions, integrate outreach communications and growth strategies, while working closely with clients to improve implementation and success metrics.

As a certified consultant with hands on experience as an owner and operator of several industry related businesses herself, KK is passionate to help fellow owners and boutique companies surpass their earning goals. As a renowned, internationally recognized expert, KK has been featured on FOX, Women’s Health, TEDx, and many other media.

Clients located on every continent of the world, including the USA, Latin America, Canada, Europe, and Asia, have found that partnering with KK and Hart Marketing and Communications means to truly benefit from and embody the all encompassing vision of success the company was founded on: “Change your business. Change your life!”

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