Maura Vella

Maura Vella


MAURA VELLA is a Small Business Advisor at Cultivate Advisors and the co-owner of 105F Hot Yoga & Pilates studios in Chicago. Maura has been in the yoga business since 2006 and when she joined a business partnership, she endeavored a long journey that has yielded at least this hard-fought wisdom: finding a winning mix of perspectives and skills typically means assembling the right people, the right values, and the right strategies. This is what got her to a 7-figure multi-location yoga business. Maura enjoys great satisfaction helping other business owners tune into what’s the right mix for them. Together, they work together like business partners, to layer in the systems and methods which propel their thriving business plan forward.


Maura is offering free 1 and 2-hour advising sessions. Schedule your discovery call using this link: .

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