Mimi Bosika

Mimi Bosika


Mimi Bosika co-founded Delos Therapy in 2012 after completing her MBA at University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Delos Therapy’s innovative technique for chronic pain and muscle stiffness is redefining muscle health among professional athletes and gym enthusiasts in Chicago’s sports and fitness community.

Her experience prior to Delos Therapy was in the high-end fitness industry where she managed sales for David Barton Gym, a high-end boutique gym known for its personal training, group classes and provocative branding. Mimi’s sales results and effectiveness at building client relationships placed her among the top achievers in the company on a national level.

Ever since she was five years old, Mimi was also a competitive table tennis player and has won several US Open junior titles with the guidance of her father, who was the 1996 US Olympic coach. Her background as an elite athlete has served as a catalyst for understanding discipline and high-level performance in business.

Mimi serves as a business consultant for several fitness studios and wellness brands in Chicago and is a partner in the new personal training facility Strength Society. Her experience in operations, strategy and business development has allowed Mimi to create a strong network of collaborators in the wellness industry in Chicago. Based on her leadership experience in health and fitness, Mimi has found that effective sales and client retention programs are often overlooked in the world of boutique fitness, which has a significant impact on the early and long-term success of new studios.