Rhodie Lorenz


Rhodie Lorenz is the co-founder of JoyRide Fitness studios. JoyRide currently has 7 locations between CT and TX. Founded in 2011, JoyRide opened it’s doors as a local indoor cycling and circuit/ Pilates studio and quickly expanded due to its quality classes and high touch community experience. Rhodie founded JoyRide because of a personal quest to create an exceptional inclusive workout experience coupled with a community that met not just the physical needs, but the emotional and mental aspects of the riders and staff as well. Working hard while enjoying the ride became her personal and professional motto.

Rhodie began her fitness career in 2002. With a husband in the throws of his cardiology training and two young sons, she was seeking her own mental and physical space, not to mention highly motivated by the free childcare at the gym. She quickly fell in love with the community of riders and was inspired by how riding together routinely formed unique bonds and life changes for these riders, small and big, beyond the classes. Soon thereafter Rhodie expanded her love of teaching to Pilates and became certified through STOTT Pilates a few years later.

With the understanding that fitness can change lives, Rhodie is proud to have used her fitness platform to support and develop programs through two non-profit organization that JoyRide is now aligned with; Catch A Lift and Crossing Thresholds. Catch A Lift supports post 9/11 wounded combat veterans using fitness as a rehabilitation tool and Crossing Thresholds builds schools in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi, Kenya. She is leading an effort to create sports and fitness programs within the schools. Her service work reinforces her belief that community connections through fitness are powerful ones.

Rhodie is a graduate of Georgetown University, and has a Master’s degree from Stanford University. She holds multiple fitness certifications, including Maddog, STOTT Pilates, Pound, and TRX. She is the co-creator, author and editor for the JoyRide Cycling Method and has trained over 100 instructors in this format.

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